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1d12 Random Stone Age Gang Encounters Table For Your Old School Sword & Sorcery Campaigns

 Evin had seen the sign for 'horns of power' carved into the trees nearly a dozen paces back in the treeline. The subhumans had been trailing him for the better part of four hours now. These cannibals belonged to the witch 'Tarari The Poisonous' but Evin wasn't impressed. Ajax had wronged her back two years ago & the cold Hells hath no fury but a witch's fury was the worst. The subhumans were supposed to kill Evin but they didn't know that Ajax the half caste warrior had flanked them.

'Well we've finally caught up with you Ajax!' the snarling response was the stuff of nightmares for lesser men. 'Evin' the name was dropped from the warrior's lips casually with a lazy Northern drawl.

The gang of subhuman outlaws were confused & not used to dealing with foul ups.
'My name is 'Evin' & you've been trailing me for two full days.'
"We have no quarrel with you then our mistress only wants the other warrior's head"  

'That might be a problem then!'
That's when the subhuman warriors heard the twin sounds of Ajax's blunderbuss cocking & the gun becoming active. 

The subhuman's brain reacts fast & the words are out before he can think, 'Parley!?!'
'Good choice my friends' Ajax's words were cold as the flint in the weapon.

The game trails between worlds are often fraught danger & peril. Many times adventurers meet others who have strange or downright dangerous agendas. These beings often serve alien god like masters, seek dangerous treasure or even their own fortunes among the myriad realities. However they also pose some of the greatest dangers to others. These visitors from various Stone Age like cultures are some of the most dangerous opponents & NPC's that parties are likely to run across.

These NPC peoples  are advanced enough to have primitive horses or horse like creatures depending upon your home campaign.

1d12 Random Stone Age NPC  Encounters Table
  1.  The Demon Spider Gang
    A group of 1d6 second level cavemen fighters who are also cannibals on a holy raiding mission for their demon goddess. They carry slings, stones, & heavy spears for working large prey. These men also have sharp +2 flint daggers for their mission. 
  2. The Goddess's Claws
    A gang of mercenary women warriors whose men were wiped out by a murderous tyrant. These 3rd level thieves are on the road of Hell & seek to slay their tribe's killers. They ride primitive horses & are armed with war clubs & short bow & arrows. They've become very good at passing themselves off as traders to gauge potential enemies or allies. An aura of doom hangs around them & they are not to be taken lightly. 
  3. The Prey
    A gang of 1d6 half ghoul cavemen & women who are a bit more human & go about the land acting as scouts for their demonic master. They carry knives & arrows but will not attack unless provoked. They seek something of value for their master. 
  4.  The Fortunate Ones
    A group of 1d8 native Americans time lost who have banded together for mutual protection. They are armed with a wide array of weapons & there are 3rd level fighters & thieves among them. These people are seeking a home land for themselves after being stolen from various communities by a wizard. 
  5.  The Departed
    A dangerous tribe of 1d8 2nd level fighters who work for a local undead warlord, they are armed with slings, short bows & arrows, and +2 flint knives. They seek sacrifices for a demonic offering.
  6.  The Horde of the Dove
    A gang of cut throats & thieves 2nd level numbering ten whose outlaw ways have come to them after their tribe was driven from its lands. They have become corrupted by the wealth they have accumulated. They are armed with slings, long bow, and war clubs. 
  7. The Minions
    This gang of 1d6 half demonic cavemen & women travels around murdering & sacrificing others while posing as traders & farmers. They have three wagons filled with trade goods but also war clubs, slings, & spears. No one knows what demonic master they serve. They move from village to village. 
  8. The Vile Ones
    A group of  1st level cave men warriors who have been cursed with leprosy by a vampire. They seek to die in battle against a powerful foe. They have flint war swords & colorful shields marking them for what they are. Originally there were 10 but now they number six.
  9.  Those Who Fight
    A band of women warriors who have been touched by a goddess of war. There is a mix of 1d8 warriors of 2nd & 3rd level. They have spear, pike, bow & arrow, sling, & chariots among their ranks. They are mercenary protectors & skilled fighters. No one is sure of their agenda
  10.  Nuns for Og 
    A group of 1d20 warrior nuns whose convent was ravaged by a wizard. They have become blood thirsty fanatics for the cannibal cult of Og chaos god of death & war. These women have war carts, bows & arrows, spears, pike, and sling shots. They pose as healers, holy travelers, etc all of the while fully intent on murdering & pillaging any they run across. 
  11.  Fuller's Folly
    A band of 1d8 cavemen soldiers taught war by Colonial Joseph Fuller after he slipped through a time warp. The Folly as they are known are professional soldeirs on a mission to recover Fuller's  officer's sword. They move from battle to battle on their mission. They use Iron Age weaponry & equipment making them very advanced. But their numbers & knowledge die with each battle. This group claims it for the money.But many believe they battle because of an odd death wish. 
  12. Those Who Seek
    A group of 1d6 cavemen adventurers who have simply taken to the life of adventurers & they have among their ranks a 3rd level wizard of no small cunning. 

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