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1d6 Random Sword & Sorcery Pulp Treasures Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

 There are weird treasures that get left in the comings and goings of battles, things left on the battle fields of valor and horror. Some of these objects can change the course of wars and the lives of men. Here are six objects of power and weirdness that can change the lives of adventurers, sometimes there are prices to be paid for these 'treasures' and relics of horror,change, and weirdness.

1d6 Random Sword & Sorcery  Pulp Treasures Encounter Table
  1. Andurthela Amulet contains the ancient and weird soul essence of a wizard scrapped off the bits and pieces of the Outer Darkness. This was enchanted into this piece of jewelry, three times per day it may be used to detect chaos and its works. The thing can cast a protection from Chaos within a 20 foot radius and it will protect from spells, weapons and evil of those up to the tenth level. If used for more then three times per day this amulet will do 2d6 +1 points of damage to the wearer or owner as it siphons off bits and pieces of the owner's soul to make up the difference for its magic. 
  2. Kabangugb's Folly is a metal book of sigils and runes that has been made from the created bits and pieces of demons dreams collected by the wizard Kabangugb. Every new moon a new secret or piece of gossip on the pages. The book also contains 1d4 random 1st or 2nd level black magick spells as they are used or said in the presence of the demons whose dreams this book collects. The book will corrupt the souls of sane men within twenty days. Many wizards or warriors trade these books with others before the folly of it all becomes too much to bare. 
  3. Nargongirorth's lens - This is the glass like lens of a giant demonic creature from the Outer Darkness that has been preserved with advanced magic and enchantment into a special lens that allows its owner darkvision up to 70 yards and to peer into nearby spirit realms three times per day. Using the lens for more then twenty days results in the owner's eyes mutating into horrific miniature versions of the eye itself. They're charisma will go down by three whole points and they will begin to have weaknesses to holy symbols and the like. Steady use of the lens will result in pure madness within three months. Also demons and other horrors will be attracted to the owner. 
  4. Nang's scepter - This scepter is a plain and simple rod of based iron and heavy with a bulbous head. The scepter is a +1 weapon but its true function is to all those who wield it summon 1d10 imps a day to over run and ruin their enemies. Nang is a minor prince of imp kind who was able to gather one of the large's spy networks in Hell. He used this knowledge to black mail and taunt anyone who crossed his paths. Seven demons divided his corpse into twenty pieces and his organs, vitals,etc are worn as minor jewelry to this day. But his scepter could not be destroyed and it passes from hand to hand over and over again across the planes. 
  5.  Gldrchau's Manual of Misery & Temptation - This series of copper plates belonged to an ancient king of mad men and monsters, it allows it's owner to gaze into the ancient past three times per day to know where minor relics of horror and depravity are within a twenty foot radius around the owner. But these items are always cursed and bring misfortune within twelve days of finding them unless the manual is passed to its next owner. The book of can also cast a protection from Goodness or Law within a thirty foot circle around the owner if a smear of the owner's blood is shed on the book. 
  6. Aetharormaul's dagger - Created from a meteor metal and enchanted with the blood of a succubus of Lar. This dagger allows one to damage the astral system of defense of a victim when the shadow of the victim is stabbed. The victim will take 1d4 points of damage per day  as their soul is exposed to gale forces of the astral winds that blow seemingly harmlessly through most of the Plain Prime. There is also a 40% chance per day that a demon or devil will notice this unprotected vessel and try to possess it. There is little chance of stopping this without the astral protections normally available to those of the plain Prime.

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