Wednesday, September 9, 2020

The Continuing Outer Realm War Round Two - Godbound/Cha'alt Play Session Recap


Between January 24th 2020 to today 9/9/2020 there have been two deaths at our table, two of our most experienced players have passed. Twenty twenty has been a rough time for many of us but for our players its been an especially rough time. Back in January 2020 I had my first Godbound/Cha'alt session you can read about that right here. 
Now with stiff drink in my gut & having had a meeting with my players about this game. There's been a consense to get this campaign back on track. There are several reasons for this. Eighteen months game time have passed everyone wanted the player's PC's buried with appropriate shrine locations worked into the campaign. Cha'alt waits for no one however. The EMP spread across the planet, millions dead or were converted into mutants or demonic something elses.  Now with Cha'alt: Fuchsia Malaise out  it was only a matter of time before the California campaign came back in spades. 

 Xanthium-183 which has been showing up across the underworld of  the United States & as well as California for sometime. The United States military has been incorporating vast amounts of alien military advisors, weapons, mecha, etc. from Cha'alt. The cabals of Elysium have engaged with the US military & been found wanting on several battle fronts. 

During tonight's game the PC's had to go to the USA's military base in the Grand Canyon to summon more PC Godbound  from a nearby fantasy Prime plane. The player's PC Godbound were taken into the US military base built into the Isle Temple & Cancid's Caves. The place is heavily guarded by US Cha'alt converted mecha

Something went entirely wrong as the moment the PC's were summoned. An old foe namely the Egg of Coot decided to attack the California base in tonight's game! The PC's teleported back via one of their new Godbound allies. And yes this is Havard's Giger version of the Egg of Coot! 

And the cybernetic army along with a Juggernaut of Doom is fully engaged with the PC's & the US military. Things are looking very grim indeed for our PC's if only there might be some possible allies?! Note that the DA1 Adventures in Blackmoor isn't geared toward Mystara but Greyhawk. Note that my version of the classic Greyhawk is actually Sword & Sorcery Greyhawk with twists & turns within its history. With this campaign world setting I've used a good deal of AS&SH along with Adventurer, Conqueror, King's product line to build this & expand it out. Will the PC's survive?!

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