Friday, January 24, 2020

The Continuing Outer Realm War - Godbound/Cha'alt Play Session Recap

I'm picking up my first Godbound/Cha'alt  play session tonight & here's what's going on. I've got little time but the United States Military is fighting back with groups of salvaged Cha'alt robots & droids. The Cha'alt wave & planar pulses have caused an EMP. Only the alien equipment,guns, & swords are working. The world has been knocked back to the Nineteenth Century!
What the PC's don't know is the fact that a wizard is gonna bring in a war machine ala Thundarr The Barbarian down on the player's heads tonight! Fort Hope has been the site for the military's rebellion &  PC's having a dry dock for their equipment. But now a wizard is starting to move in & crush this pimple of resistence & the best way to do that is with a massive flying fortress!

The forces of the black pyramid have taken enough of these upstart humans! The gods of  Earth & their Hyperborean allies are tied up with evil  Elven forces from the Outer Realms! Causilties are high!


Meanwhile the players are dealing with trying to deal with the sporadic attacks of mutants & the occasional horde of zombies animated by the occult power of Cha'alt buffering against the Earth.

Can the player's PC's continue to save the humans against the trepidations of the slavers, raiders, & scavenger scum that shows up all of the time to feed on their own! Any fallen warriors that stumble by are soon stripped of all gear & weapons as the cycle continues.

Originally the party of adventurers were summoned to this Earth to be the heroes that were needed to turn the tide of the Cha'alt warp's incursion or is it invasion of California,Nevada, & Arizonia. But they've gotten bogged down with many of the monsters that have come through the warp unchecked. There were many other adventurers who were summoned to boaster the ranks of the gods! But many of these have taken to fighting among themselves!

Now all of this actually takes place with the fact that this Earth might be the 'Old Earth' of Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea! The coming of the black pyramid & Cha'alt has awakened Lovecraftian forces of darkness who have slept deep in the hollows of the Earth since the sinking of R'lyeh.
Hyperborean forces have come rushing out of the edges of the Earth to retake what was originally theirs! But there are others who are opposed to their their breathen because the stars are not right!

Now add to all of this the fact that there are the slaver's forces  from the classic 
Against the Slave Lords  who are taking full advantage of the chaos to take slaves, make deals, & have been taking samples of xanthium-183 which has been showing up across the underworld of  United States & well California as we know it is a warzone of epic fantasy proporations! 

Note that my version of the classic Greyhawk is actually Sword & Sorcery Greyhawk with twists & turns within its history. With this campaign world setting I've used a good deal of AS&SH along with Adventurer, Conqueror, King's product line to build this & expand it out. Will the PC's survive?!

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