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Commentary & Review of the Axioms Compendium 1-8 For The Adventurer,Conqueror, King Rpg

"Created with the support of hundreds of generous patrons, AXIOMS is a quarterly magazine devoted to the Adventurer Conqueror King System. This exclusive compendium compiles the  first eight issues of AXIOMS into an easy-to-use reference. "
Yeah I've been wanting to get in on the AXIOM's zine action for awhile. So I put in a request with 
Alexander Macris for a copy. And Axioms Compendium 1-8 was sent to me by Alexander Macris & man this is a nice extra bit of fluff for the Adventurer,Conqueor, King rpg player. Two hundred & sixty- six pages of OSR awesomeness! This book should have been called the 'Axioms Campaign Add On'  because this is exactly what this book does.  The articles within enhance an existing ACK's campaign.

Seriously, this is an excellent collection of 'extras' & 'add ons' for ACK's. The layout is well done & the text is easy on the eyes. Autarch has been really advancing the ACK's line along & here's where the rubber hits the road;

"This exclusive compendium compiles the
first eight issues of AXIOMS into an easy-to-use reference. It includes:
  • Issue #1 - Magic. Eldritch secrets are revealed.
  • Issue #2 - Beastmen. The savage swords of chaos, are unleashed.
  • Issue #3 - Economics. He who has the gold, makes the rules!
  • Issue #4 - War. Let he who seeks peace prepare for war.
  • Issue #5 - Magic II. Some magic is minor, some magic is monstrous, and some
  • is not magical at all.
  • Issue #6 - Fractal. Because when you zoom in further on an area of game design,
  • you find that when you zoom in further on an area of game design.
  • Issue #7 - Magic III. The art and science of magic is plumbed yet further.
  • Issue #8 - Randomness. The oracular power of dice is revealed.
The compendium includes revised rules for strongholds and domains, senatorial domains,  mercantile ventures, and mass combat, and new rules for elite troops, gladiatorial schools, shaded magic, spellcaster type creation, beastmen custom classes, wilderness stocking tables, and more.
While designed for use with ACKS, content in Axioms is compatible with any d20-based fantasy RPG built on the OGL."

Using the  Axioms Compendium 1-8 coupled with ' The Auran Empire Primer' you've got a complete campaign setting for years to come. The articles are actually useful & give more material for the DM stocking their campaign.
 We finally get a complete overview on the Beastmen of traditional ACK's & they have a very different feel then their Dungeons & Dragons roots. These are the monsters of legend & mythology waiting to tear into your PC's! We get tons of information on them. The pages of Axiom really bring home the late Roman Empire dark fantasy setting  feel of the ACK's game!

The AX1: The Sinister Stone of Sakkara adventure brought this straight to the forfront of the ACK's game but the Axioms Compendium 1-8 brings the heat of the setting home.  If the DM wanted to add in the classic B2 Keep of the Borderlands  by Gary Gygax they'd have a campaign that could last years. 

If AX1: The Sinister Stone of Sakkara  is a homage to B2 Keep on the Borderlands then the Axioms Compendium 1-8 is a homage to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons first Edition Unearthed Arcana. The number of PC & DM options within these two hundred & sixty six pages is staggering from Cantrips to actual Beast men classes this one has it all. I'm really happy to have a copy of the Axioms Compendium 1-8 & I believe that any ACK's head would be as well! 

 Axioms Compendium
1-8 Is Available
Right Here 

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