Thursday, January 9, 2020

Some Thoughts On The Star Ship Warden Kickstarter By Troll Lords & The Star Seige Rpg

"Near the beginning of the 24th century, humans began the largest construction ever undertaken by their species. A mini-world designed to ply the deeps of space, providing safety and comfort for her many passengers. Less than two decades into her mission, she simply disappeared. There has now been no word of the Warden for more than 300 years...."

So the Starship Warden kickstarter by Troll Lords is winding down with eight  hours to go as of this writing. Now its at eighty two thousand & change at this point. The last deck expansion on this kickstarter is coming up. Troll Lords has been knocking outta the park with some of the stuff we've been seeing.

Since this is gonna use a Castles & Crusades variant I think that the whole thing looks really good from a dungeon master & player's perspective. On the whole I'm really looking forward to The Star Ship Warden. When it comes to Star Siege you can see Jason Vey is at his fullest using systems that we've seen before in Amazing Adventures! rpg but here he's given his full science fiction & fantasy shoes for the writing & designing.

The new Star Seige rules look well written & very playable. Star Seige uses a paired down & well organized version of the Seige system. This is a solid contrast with Castles & Crusades or Amazing Adventures both of which can be used with this variation of the Engine system. There's enough here to run outta of the box but this book adds another layer to the system. Can't wait to see the full version in the Star Ship Warden rules coming soon! On the whole I'm pleased! 

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