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Matters of State & Dragon - Dragonic NPC - Rex Harenae Crawler In Toxix - The Blue Dragon of The Grand Canyon

So last night I was thumbing through my Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual & thinking about dragons & power vaccums. Dragons are huge engines of change for whatever area they settle in.
Out comes my Monster Manual & I settle onto the Blue Dragon. I love blue dragons! Here's a quick break down on them from the Forgotten Realms website (this site came up a while back & its pretty comprehensive even though I don't use the FR's setting);"Blue dragons, also known as storm dragons,[6] were orderly creatures and are unusual for chromatics
 in that they keep fairly well-ordered, hierarchical societies. They were more likely to be mocking and manipulative than outrightly cruel or murderous to 'lesser' creatures, aided greatly by their natural talents for hallucination. They were infamous for tricking desert travelers into drinking sand or going miles out of their way to avoid nonexistent dust basins. Their breath weapon was a line of lightning or a large electrical discharge." 

Monster Manual page 31 Blue Dragon. Copyright & Trademark Wizards of the Coast.

Fantastic but for my Cha'alt/Godbound Rpg I just need an NPC dragon that's something a bit different. Not too much departure away from the classic source material but just a wee bit. So I started thumbing through my Adventurer,Conqueror, King books. Then I remembered seeing dragons in the ACK's  Heroic Fantasy  Handbook.
The dragon generating rules within the Heroic Fantasy Handbook have an interesting wrinkle the dragon elementally adapts to the environment that they settle in. Hmm I wanna keep the traditional blue dragon but adapt it to the NPC role in the campaign.

Recently I wrote about the mysterious serpent men city that had been uncovered by the Cha'alt wave within the Grand Canyon that rolled through the Earth. There was a power vaccum there & given such a mega dungeon structure an ancient blue dragon has plane shifted his own desert city & moved into the 'abandoned' serpent men city.

Rex Harenae Crawler In Toxix (King Sand Crawler The Toxic) is an ancient blue dragon of almost god like stature. He rules over a large 50,000 human & near human population. He's a king that is worshipped as a god. He is a very contemplative ruler & a renowned necromancer. Rex Harenae crawler lives in the ancient serpentman city but has a thriving metropolis 8 miles away from the Grand Canyon with a large desert palace. Rex has a love of power & treasure but treasure to him includes his human subjects. Anything harming one of them will have to answer to him. He has several powerful allies within his domain. A Hopi god of death  that rests within the canyon is fine with this arrangement because the dragon keeps people away from his realm. He is also on excellent terms with several Cha'alt royals including several princes. 
Fontes toxicus is a city ruled by a duly elected human council with the dragon having the overruling power . The desert oasis is tourist & trade destination with several natural aqueducts & a large reservoir of water in huge underground holding tanks. This is actually his 'treasure' because the water is used in large gardens & nature preserves for the human population. Rex Harenae Crawler is an ancient dragon with blue copper scales, notoriously large & vicious claws, & a breath that smells of electricity or ozone depending upon the dragon's mood. Make no mistake Rex Harenae Crawler is an evil dragon. His hoard is made up of the spoils of several wars with Dryadales kings (Elven kings) & a protracted war with a particularly nasty Dryadale arch wizard. It is rumored that he was taught necromancy by a Draydale lich who also added his own riches to the dragon's hoard. Rex Harenae Crawler In Toxix has a love of all things mechanical & in particularly objets d'art mechanical. Rex is fascinated by the workings of machines & this knowledge has proven invaluable during times of war. He has a castle at the edge of his realm in the desert where he as several workshops & keeps a large cache of mecha & other mechancial treasures from a raid he conducted several centuries ago after a slice of Heaven was caught within an area of Fairyland. Right now the rumor is that he is studying K'nyanian & serpent men aquisitutions that have come into his possession with his recent take over part of the Grand Canyon.
Rex Harenae Crawler half human projeny over see military & security throughout his realm while dealing with some of their father's day to day issues. They also are overseeing the harvesting of the purple power crystals that grow in the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

William Bell's photograph of the Grand Canyon,
 taken in 1872 as part of the 
Wheeler expedition

Rex Harenae Crawler In Toxix is thinking of employing a small army of adventurers to over see the exploration of his holdings within the abandoned serpent men city. He is convinced that the dungeon workings may not be as abandoned as they seem. His senses are extremely powerful & well beyond the ken of humanity but even they can not pierce the entire gloom of the darkness. He worries about the safety of himself, his city, & his subjects.
Anyways I wrote up 
Rex Harenae Crawler In Toxix using The Heroic Fantasy Handbook & for Rex's draconic projeny I used the  Barbarian Conquerors of Kanahu by  Omer Joel, & Alexander Macris.

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