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Saucer Slaughter - An Adventurer, Conqueror, King, & Cha'alt - Adventure Encounter One

Had an email request asking what was going on back in Nevada with my Cha'alt/Godbound campaign. For the last four days I've been fighting a nasty cold or something worse so its put me on my behind. But I've been thinking about something that I said back on December 29 & the fact that run my games as 'Epic Weird Fantasy'. The Cha'alt warp right around Las Vegas  has been causing all kinds of problems for the locals & vast cosmic opportunities for the various factions who have been taking full advantage of the situation. This includes the Greys. Now most would think that Death Valley National Park would be dead & nothing at all would be going on there? Instead the place has been a hive of alien activity as the Grey's have been sending ships in collecting tons of locals, alien dinosaurs, specimens, etc. But now something very unexpected has happened! A saucer ship has crashed! The race is on!

Yasir999 did this incredibly cool Grey artwork!

So now the PC's are hired by the US army through agents to secure the saucer until they can move in. Their forces at the moment are stretched incredibly thin. And the saucer is a huge affair & I'm gonna be taking it directly from  Barbarian Conquerors of Kanahu by Omer Joel, &  Alexander Macris. This thing is Grey abductor page 102 of BCK. And its not as disabled as it appears! The Greys have crashed due to magnetic interference from the Valley's purple crystals that have been growing due to the Cha'alt warp. There are a full completment of sixteen greys & two robots working the area right now. The reason is the cargo hold full of xanthium-183  which was purchased in some of the factory palaces of  S'kbah. 

I want to take a step back here & talk about the fact that many of the Grey artifacts, relics, technologies, etc. are in my games considered Chaos tainted. Here's where I fall back to my Lion & Dragon, Dark Albion, & especially Cults of Chaos notes.  PC's fooling around with these items is a really good way of earning a chaos mutation or two. Now the reason for this is despite Pundit's review of Cha'alt there are some really good rules for using chaos or dangerous occult items or artifacts in your games.

Now there's already a group of 4th level adventurers who have been plundering some of the travelers through Death Valley because of the crystal growth. They've also set themselves up in Scotty's Castle as the local bandit lords. There are twelve of them including two  wizards of 4th level. They know the craft has crashed & are two days ride  from the crash site. But what they don't know is what or whom is amung the abdutees on the craft. Here's where I turn to Gary Gygax's S3 Expediation to The Barrier Peaks module. I'm going to use the mind flayer that's one of the encounters within S3 as the basis for an 'unexpected guest'.

Psionically its been putting 'out the call' to a group of 1d20 Cha'alt scavengers who have been operating in the area. They are on their way into 'attack' the downed Grey craft to free the prisoner  specimen who was taken on a recent Grey expediation to a Flayer colony ship.

Jeff Dee S3 Expediation To the Barrier Peaks iconic inspirational artwork
copyrighted & trade marked to the original arist & owner.
Used without permission

The mind Flayer's cryo pod with it intact is worth 140,000 gold to the right purchaser. The Grey's stuff could set the party up for some major wealth but they'll most likely be double crossed by the purchaser of the wares. Then there is the vengence of the Greys! For the Grey's hoard use the charts found in   Barbarian Conquerors of Kanahu by Omer Joel, &  Alexander Macris.

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