Monday, January 13, 2020

Purple Cha'alt Venger Mail Call & A Bit of Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea

So let's talk about when Venger Satanis backed his purple mail truck up to the Dark Corners mail box & dropped off my Cha'alt care package! And away we go! He packs em right! Cha'alt came with a purple vengence!

This has been my go to OSR campaign for some months but after seeing video after video review on Cha'alt I beg,borrowed & pleaded to get a copy. And boy did I get one! The packing was solid & so was the package.

Cha'alt is a desert gonzo science fantasy setting & mega dungeon module by Venger Satanis. I've reviewed the megadungeon pdf and I loved it so much I had my local print shop print it up. But having a real handback in my hands is a whole other level of quality. But the purple prince of the OSR sent me not one but two copies!

Now the quality of these books is incredible! Awesome sauce on the binding, the presentation, & glorious artwork! The binding is top knotch & the quality of the paper is excellent.

Cha'alt  is a real book with high gloss pages & solid artwork throughout. As an artifact Cha'alt is proud addition to my collection but this is gonna be a book that get's used at the table top level. Now let's talk about the fact that Cha'alt is a perfect addition to many OSR games but for me I'd run this with the Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea rpg 

The interior is gonzo Sword & Sorcery fantasy turned up to eleven with the knob falling off. Cha'alt is world that's gone through its Middle Earth Dungeons & Dragons fantasy phase & into the world getting its ass kicked by the Great Old Ones then into the science fantasy striking back again. Two Cha'alts stack up to one AS&SH easily. But the systems can be run together. That's the beauty

Look how the binding is on Cha'alt, & where the book lays itself. This is a book meant to actually be used & gamed with not simply admired. The solid construction & good solid gonzo content mean that its gonna be used for years to come.

The fact is that Cha'alt is my flavor of weirdness & works on that midnight movie cultclassic VHS vibe for me. So it works out for my wacked out Godbound/Cha'alt California campaign. But let's talk about using AS&SH to run Cha'alt for a hot second here. The fact is that the Cha'alt campaign/ mega dungeon is keyed for the OSR and that makes it ease to port over monsters & Sword & Sorcery goodness from AS&SH & vice versa.

In the end I think that this is gonna be a two great tastes that taste great together folks. The fact is that I really like the feel of a Cha'alt & AS&SH campaign but its gonna take a bit more reading, writing, & research to turn this mother out! My next goal in life is grab all of the AS&SH adventures I can! But that's coming up!

You can grab Cha'alt hard covers directly from Venger Satanis Himself
order right here! 

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