Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Review & Commentary On 'The Metallic Tome' For Your Old School Heavy Metal & Doom Core Campaigns erm Old School Campaigns

 "Pollution chokes our seas, nuclear war has destroyed our cities, and worst of all, guitars are illegal. Surveillance satellites monitor our every move. Conformity is the law! There is only one thing that can save us: METAL."

Last call in Connecticut is 2:00 A.M. right now its around one or so give or take five minutes. Tonight its me sitting with my back to a very empty bar with DM Steve & me speakng about Rafeal Chandler's Metallic Tome. 

'The Metallic Tome' is done in the same style as 'the Demonic Tome'. The heavy metal  Apocalpyse has happened or is happening. The Earth's internet is down & the world is ripe for the taking! This is every heavy metal or death metal album cover ever done brought to life. The book follows the standard OSR PC status of character types. But the difference here is the fact of how this book plays the elements out. Sure this is Gonzo heavy & death metal campaign & system book  but there's far more here going on then simply meets the eye. 
'The Metallic Tome' is a whole cloth campaign setting unto itself & its not necessarily a 'modern' setting per say. The reason why I say that is because as an OSR setting it can easily be translated over into a pre or post apocalpyse heavy metal setting where magic is returning hard core. The forces of Heaven & Hell are waging a war for the soul of the world this is the implied setting of the Demonic Tome.

I go into far greater detail about 'Demonic Tome' here.  The implication is a modern or alternative Eighties heavy metal world sliding into the frying pan of the lake of fire back lit with a heavy metal sound track. But seriously this isn't the only use of either the 'the Demonic Tome' or 'The Metallic Tome'. 

'The Metallic Tome' has some serious implications for Dungeons & Dragons with its PC's heavy metal options & implications. Try & imagine your standard Greyhawk campaign setting characters being sucked straight into this heavy metal Earth. 

Greyhawk's factors for being interested in this metal Earth is the 'cosmic balance'. The party of adventurers have their work cut out for them. There's a ton of infernal monsters that are going to have interest in the party as 'fresh meat' on the block from Greyhawk. With '
The Metallic Tome' I started to heavily think about the movie Heavy Metal. 

With  'The Metallic Tome' the Earth might be ripe for  interstellar affairs with the arrival of the metal apocalpyse. Believe it or not this is a perfect set up for a White Star: Galaxy Edition campaign which makes an excellent compliment for 'The Metallic Tome

Why? Well because the rocker class is included in the 'galaxy edition' so there's the heroic in for the PC's to help counter Chandler created  darkness of 'The Metallic Tome'. The campaign would be one part 'Star Wars' three parts Greyhawk, & the rest someplace West of Iron Maiden's 'Somewhere in Time''s album. 

This is the campaign world that I'm planning on refining, designing, & taking out with Venger Satanis's Cha'alt especially Cha'alt: Fuchsia Malaise. The heavy metal trappings of 'The Metallic Tome' hit hard core withe rebellious nature of some of the factions of Cha'alt who need their teeth kicked in. 

This brings up the fact. Is  'The Metallic Tome' worth the price of admission?! In a word yes! There's plenty of death metal weirdness & OSR doom that this book brings to the table. I've got a playable copy for the table top bring printed as we speak folks. 

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