Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Macro Organism Sub Space Drives - The Drive Is Alive


Macro Organism Drives ready to ship out 

The Macro Organism Drives are all pieces of a macro organism the size of a universe. First discovered during the first stage of  the Human Expansion. These drives are housed within a stable planar matrix. These drives take up the back half of their ship& are capable of  ripping through the planar spaces between the Outer Darkness. The drive eats about 130 pounds of matter a day & converts it into a stable sub hyper space matrix field. This moves the universe around the ship while it stays stable. The illusion is the that the ship drops into the endless worlds of hyper reality.  There is a 30 % that each time the drive is used that the Hounds of Tindalos  may be attracted to the meat of the drive & chase the ship through hyper space. A scientist might have the proper psionic discipline to exorcise the hounds.

Random Strange Events When the Macro Drive Is Engaged 1d10  
  1. A double of the ship is created & will follow the ship for 1d4 days. It will mimic any behavior the real one performs. 
  2. The music of the spheres will usher through out the ship giving +1 charisma for as long as the music plays 
  3. The drive likes you & will perform to the ultimate limit of its design gets you there 1d3 hours ahead of schedule 
  4. The drive has foresight & will not go to your destination & picks a safer route 
  5. All weapon systems gain +1 on damage as the planar energy is added to total weapon out put 
  6. The drive wants to return to its parent & wishes to telepathically bargain with the party 
  7. The drive grows a nervous system through out the ship & certain functions cause it pain. The party must perform  surgery for the drive to operate safely 
  8. Instead of your destination the ship suggests an alternative universe where things are better then the one you picked 
  9. The drive has diarrhea & needs to shut down 
  10. The drive gains a + 1 for all destinations for today!
Macho subspace drive housings must be replaced every 10,000 jumps & cost 6,000 credits by comparison to other drives. They can become attached to certain crewmen & have been known to telepathically bond with parties. There have been cases where they have risked destruction of themselves for their adopted families!
There are several stories of these drives eating their crews as well & returning to the parent universe organism at the expense of their crews. Happy spacing

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