Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Review & Commentary On Ships of Shade Space By Mark Hunt From Leviathan Publishing For The White Star Rpg or Your Old School Space Opera

A bevy of ships to light up the darkness of space in your OSR/Whitebox and specifically White Star campaigns. First in a series of books detailing the hyper dimensional space known to star-farers near and far as SHADE SPACE. "

Ships of Shade Space has been out for a long time now & basically its a 'pay what you want' title of ten star ships that  have been done for a White Star/Swords & Wizardry style game. If your reading this blog & are interested in the Cepheus Engine. Can these star ships be converted from the White Star into classic Traveller or the Cepheus Engine rpg? Yes & no check this thread I found on The Rpg site forums.  This is literally a no nonsense title with six ships & some great illustrations plus stats. You can literally take these & go like a demon for  the White Star rpg without a problem. And yes 
Ships of Shade Space  will work with the new edition of White Star. 

Is Ships of Shade Space  any good?! Yes because it fits a solid niche within the market & does it well without a lot of BS background, history, & weirdness. This is a graded drag & drop group of ships that does exactly what it say on the can & does it well. These are perfect ships open to customization, modification, & br
Should you get Ships of Shade Space ? Yes if your looking for ships that your can droop right into your campaigns or sectors without apologizes & tears. If they don't fit your tech level or there isn't enough details that's not what these ships are for. They are to be used in an existing or emerging campaign that's in need of star ships. End of story. All in Ships of Shade Space  fits its niche with what it says on the tin.  Is is Ships of Shade Space  a nice product? Yes but are there better ship books on the market? Sure but that's not the point here. Ships of Shade Space  takes its niche & fills it sharply & very nicely. 

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