Thursday, September 24, 2020

Stranger Hyperspace Tides - Empire of the Petal Throne rpg, The Cepheus Engine rpg & Human Space Empires Rpg As One Possible OSR Campaign

 This is an update of an article that was written 2011, at the time there wasn't as much going on at the table top level as there is now. The OSR was a vastly different place then  & my own leanings were far more padestrian.  If the original Empire of the Petal Throne rpg was based on original Dungeons & Dragons then it stands to reason that it could easily be usable with the three little black books of the original Traveller rpg system. 

Now if this is the case it builds out the case that Empire of the Petal Throne's Human Space Empire acro clone system.  Might well have many Cepheus Engine Rpg incarnations & possibilities at the table top level. Hmm 

So wrecks from The Human Space Empire could well be drifting into Cepheus Engine rpg space through worm holes & causing all kinds of hazards, adventure opportunities & more.

The problem right now is the time factor to investigate further into the mathmatics of this whole cloth idea of a campaign. Right now this is a wisp of an idea at the back of my head.. 

How could this work?! There are a few ideas that I've got brewing in the back of my head?! 
  1. Use the Cepheus Engine rpg with its psionics as the basis. 
  2. Two take out some of the monsters & ideas from Human Space Empires 
  3. Do an Issiac Asomiv Foundation style zero level adventure on a wreck for starters. 
  4. Ditch Tékumel entirely in favor of a Space 1999 style search for the planet. 
  5. Follow in the wake of taking of the planet of Tékumel during the collapse of the Human Space Empire. 
  6. Pull from campaign notes going back to 2011 & pull out the book of Ebon Bindings. Ditch the mathematics of the game systems in question entirely. 
  7. Gather interest in players  first before brain storming. 
  8. Use a totally different approach to this campaign setting. 
  9. Pull from the Traveller universe for a possible connection and there are several floating around. 
  10. Wing a campaign setting and go from there! 

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