Friday, September 11, 2020

'Saucers' or Chariot of the Gods OSR Write Up - Earth Vs The Flying Saucers


Chariot Of  The Gods

Armor Class : 5 
Diameter : 

Drive: magnetic drives capable of near light speed velocities
Hit Points: 55 
Internal Systems/Psionic/Super Science Devices :Psi Crystal  Their language translator device resembles a glowing crystal rose which also serves as the input device for their "Infinitely Indexed Memory Bank"

"Infinitely Indexed Memory Bank" Humans captured by the invaders are subjected to scanning for the "Infinitely Indexed Memory Bank" which strips the victims' mind of all knowledge, leaving them mindless zombies. The victim must make a save vs death when their bathed in the rays of the psi crystal. 

It is capable of holding hundreds of thousands of minds 
Weapons systems: 
 Sonic Cannons 

Weapon               Range                  Variable Damage        Weight                                                         
Sonic Cannon         4 miles                         2d10                     125                

Defense Systems: Electric Screen capable of producing  of 100 hit point force curtain below the ship.

These saucers were mass produced in the millions by the  & there's a very high after market making these saucers very valuable. Within certain specialty black market place locations they are worth 70,000 to 80,000 gold pieces to the right parties & black wizards 

The psi crystal emerges from the roof of the saucer & acts as translating device, mind reading device, & the infinitely indexed memory bank which will steal a human mind unless save verus death is made.
 A formation of five or six chariots will 
 induce solar flares that disrupt planet's weather and short as well as long range communications.

The chariots may create 1 to 2 hit point spies that may travel any where across the planetary surface . The
 infinitely indexed memory bank may keep track of millions of these spies. They may be strung together to form networks of webs of vast information. 

Earth vs the Flying Saucers DVD.jpg

This is a poster for Earth vs. the Flying Saucers. The poster art copyright is believed to belong to the distributor of the film, Columbia Pictures, the publisher of the film or the graphic artist. Further details: Theatrical release poster of Earth vs. the Flying Saucers.

Synopsis : Created by the millions by the Atlans these craft have been adapted by a wide variety of races & have seen action during a many theaters of war. These dependable craft are easy to maintain use & considered to very valuable for two reasons. The parts for these craft can be produced by many cultures just making it into their atomic ages. Because the low out put required for the craft many low yielding nuclear fuels may be used for the reactors. The craft themselves can use a ley line supplemented system to skate slight beyond the local space time continuum. This enables the craft to take full advantage of the time delay created by this effect. 
The number of races who have used these craft since their creation by the Altan is countless. The craft still fetch a good price upon the open market & in certain pirate quarters of the universe. 
  The Derro have several variations upon the usual designs & are often seen within certain quarters of Derro terrority. Many mythos races will fire on sight of these craft which has made the derro install magnetic & sonic stealth fields. These will last as long as a slave with super science powers is installed in place. The Derro often have them medically slaved into the mechanisms that run the ship as well as the index. 

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