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1d12 Random Stone Age Raiders Encounters Table For Your Old School Sword & Sorcery Campaigns

Tog moved along the tree line with his five best warriors trailing after Myra & company.The witches had been avading his warriors now for three days. The winds had shifted 'mysterious' during the new moon & Tog wasn't having it. He used every trick in the book to track the 'ladies' (hags) across three swampland fields. He'd lost only one man too a strange bug leech creature. A holdover from the 'olden times' as his tribal elders called them. The monster was among the bevy of creatures called by these hags who disguised themselves with the skins of the young. He & his warriors had called down a blood feud on the crone women. He had his warriors kill one with a hook snare as she went for water unable to get off a spell.Or transform from her comely form into the monsterous thing of Hell. 
That's when he heard the hollowering & howls! But there were no raiders in these woods?! He thought just as the first sub human broke through the trail! The Hags again! Their would be murder writ in their blood soon! 

There are places that should not be travelled, game places that lead to other worlds & Hells undreamt of around the hunting fires. These places are home to outlaw tribes & cannibals that prey on the weak & the flesh of men. These raiders hunger for man flesh & want sacrifices for divine rites of horror & depravity. Adventurers & fools venture to these places for they are the prey of the warriors & degenerates that inhabit these spaces. 
These stone age raiders are some of the most dangerous warriors that parties can come across. 

Note that there is a 20% chance of these raiders being accompanied by 1d8 camp followers who are actually deranged cannibal witches & torturers of the tribe. These 'beauties' will count as 1st level fighters. 
There is a 30% chance that the tribe will be advanced enough to be riding horses or prehistoric 'Age of Mammals' horses or horse like creatures. 

1d12 Random Stone Age Raiders Encounters Table 
  1. The Tribe of the Crescent moon. - These 1d8 raiders are on a mission from their demon god & will eat any wounded that they come across following a quick rite. They attack with short bows, stone tipped flint arrows, & slings. Each warrior has a knife, quick release sling & shot. The elites have bows made by the tribal weapons makers. 
  2. Blue Tortoise Raiders - There are 1d6 members of this warrior pack & they attack only those who smell of the 'sacred blood'. They wish only to grab & kidnap sacrifices for a feast in the honor of the victims. They are often lead by a corrupt black magick priest.
  3. The Feasters - There are 1d8 2nd level fighters with filed teeths, slitted eyes, & armed with flint knives,. The feasters like fresh meat & are lead by a fantical witch doctor of some foul god thing. 
  4. The Black Circle - These 1d12 black wizards want the power, items, & bloody entrails of any victims they are lead by a fifth level wizard/summoner who will have a Hell hound on stand by if things get tough. 
  5. The Riders of Ya - These riding outlaw cavemen want nothing more then to collect the brains of anyone they come across. They are always lead by a warrior of 4th level who will slit the throats of anyone they come across with unholy +2 flint daggers. They collect the eyes, livers, & testicles of their male victims. These are used in unholy rites of the sacred eye. The victim is slow roasted from the inside out. 
  6. The 87 Mad Men - There will be 1d6 sweaty, smelly cavemen who are a part of a telepathic hive mind & wish to rob, cheat, & possibly eat you. The have a wand of cold that they use  on any magic users or wizard PC's present. 
  7. A gang of farmers who are actually disguised cannibals that want to eat your party. They have 1d8 enchanted spears with them.These will be used to great effect on any thieves or rangers. They hate everyone around them. 
  8. 1d8 ghoul plague victims spreading the curse as they raid, they are armed with a varirtey of enchanted kit weapons to torture PC's with. They have dark vision & are utterly fearless. 
  9. A gang of 1d8 hags disguised as bunch of fair maidens who travel the countryside faking 'emergencies' and then eating the victims. They often pass themselves off as 'wise women & infiltrate tribes only to destroy them from the inside out. 
  10. The Daughters of 'I' - These strange cavewomen have a wide variety of mind powers & are armed with a enchanted slings & bullets. They can telekinitically bend the tejectory of the bullets in mid air. There are 1d10 of these women who share a strange telepathic link. This link is used to search for victims to rob & eat. 
  11. Lu Zu - The Lu Zu are a strange missing link between plant & cavemen. They have ape like features & weird plant grows sticking from their backs. They seek out & destroy any one different themselves often targeting horse owners,riders, & the like. These crazies eat horse flesh & human flesh. They often target wealthy caravans to ransom some poor fool merchant prince but pieces often go missing. A raiding party consists of 1d6 3nd level fighters armed with stone swords +1, short bows, arrows, & spears. 
  12. The Hated Ones - A roving gang of organized half orclike apemen who are actually very evil & highly intelligent. They use a wide variety of Stone Age weapons & armor often working for an evil demon or wizard. The Hated Ones often work for dark forces multiplying their numbers through sorcerous means. They attack civilized peoples & ransom royals for lands they can settle on. They are led by a 6th level cleric of the Orc gods. 
These raiders often target civilized or advanced cultures as victims because they love chaos & pure evil! 
There is a forty percent chance of the tribe being lead by a black wizard or cleric of a Great Old One or figure of pure evil. 

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