Wednesday, September 30, 2020

The Cut of a Certain Blade -Cha'alt & Breaking The House Campaign Plus OD&D's Eldritch Wizardry Session Report Now With More Cha'alt


Talking about original Dungeons & Dragons with some friends in the off hours last night & that brings up one of the divine hazards that's been running around in the background of my  Godbound/Cha'alt campaign set in Las Vegas. There was a series of murders of Godbound PC's in our early games. Now a player from another game has approached me about doing something with one of his older Godbounds. The Sword of Kas has been weaving a path of destruction going back to October 9, 2019. The sword recently possessed a soldier around one of the battle fields of the gods. Kas has been very careful & malevolent cutting a path of destruction through the back alleys & deserts of Los Vegas. But going back to OD&D 's Eldritch Wizardry  its always been evil as the Abyss;
"The Sword of Kas - Another item connected with the legend of the lich Vecna is the Sword of Kas, his onetime bodyguard. This sword is said to have a thin, grey blade of some metallic substance. Its powers are only dimly hinted at by legend, but Kas was said to be the mightiest swordsman of his age. The Sword has +3 bonus, +5 vs. undead, demons and godlings, and an Intelligence of 18 and ego of 18. It also has one extraordinary power that is normally available to swords. It is evil, and if possible, it will control any fighter who picks it up and turn him evil. Additionally, it has One power from TABLE I, two from TABLE II, and one from TABLE IV and one from TABLE V. This sword will, of course, attempt to dominate its owner."

Now its gone & done something truely evil. Last weekend I got together with my Los Vegas group of players. The  Godbound paladin 's player Rick wanted to get in on the tracking down the Sword of Kos & its host. In fact this was his all consuming reason for being in Vegas. The rest of the party warned him against going after the sword by himself. 
It didn't take him long to track down the sword's host & it all went South with a series of bad rolls & a very bad misplaced '1'. The Sword drown his character in a park fountain amid the ruins of the war of the gods that took place in Vegas. So why is this evil? Rick's PC along with his party was summoned from The Wilderlands of High Fantasy world setting. The PC's were heroes who came to this Earth to help oppose the Cha'alt invasion after the wave of dark magick took out every last piece of technology. The Earth was plunged into a nineteeth century level of technology. Dungeons & Dragons fantasy races walk the Earth & the godbound are supposed to be helping those around them. Instead they've been fighting & warring among themselves. 
Now Hel has claimed the body soul of the paladin because he had drowned. The sword mocked the rest of the party & vanished from sight leaving the party without a paladin.The US army moved in with Cha'alt mecha & friendy Godbound wizards to drive back the goddess of the unquiet dead. 

"Hermod before Hela" (1909) by John Charles Dollman.

And what about the paladin's god of justice from the Wilderlands?! Well he's got his own hands full in another campaign. So he's hired a possible PC. A half Elven nara'd do godbound who might possibly slip between the cracks of reality to free the soul of the paladin from Hel's grip. Terrence has had dealings with gods before & this isn't his first go around with the forces of Cha'alt. But things have changed up recently. 
Eighteen months have passed & there's lots of new players on the Earth scene from Cha'alt. The alien Mega-corporation, Elysium has increasingly grown desparate as the collapsing ecological system of Cha'alt has invaded Earth in this campaign. Venger has taken it upon himself to pull in more & more Crimson Dragon Slayer Rpg resources into Cha'alt. 

Robert's character Terrence has been tracking the raw supplies & intel on the alien Mega-corporation, Elysium. He's been doing a one man guriella war against the mega corp in hopes of stalling some of the fallout to the Earth. Things have not been good. But now he's gotten wind of Kos being on the move again but can even he stand up to the black blade of Kos? 

Welcome to Vegas baby! Enjoy your stay! 

Vegas Sign artwork by Anasofiapaixao

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