Friday, September 4, 2020

Hawk Maiden - 'Caught Somewhere In Time' - An OSR Campaign Purposel

  The grim & griddiness of Oerth with a head banging rock & roll edge but all is not as it seems. 

Yesterday DM Steve & I were hanging out talking about Iron Maiden & our times in 'The Eighties'. The topics turned to the recent releases of Rafael Chandler 'The Metallic Tome' & 'The Demonic Tome'. We began brain storming campaign in which an Eddie Unit is after a party of adventurers on a modernish Oerth. Well sort of.. 

While this is the Oerth we all know & love its not the one we might be used to. Not unlike the traditional Sword & Sorcery Greyhawk this one has modern technologies but all is not right. The  dark forces that plagued Gary Gygax's Gord the Rogue are in full effect here! Something isn't quite right!? Where is Gord & what are the PC's going to do about it?! 

And then there's the unsuspecting Earth that's going to be at the mercy of the dark forces that are a part of the cosmic game that's being played out across the planes. We know that the these two are going to have their due. Wayne Reyolds brings the Abyssial fires with his artwork and AD&D players know these two Greyhawk baddies. 

Are the demonic forces that are being unleashed within 'The Demonic Tome' a result of Greyhawk's Chaotic Lords of the Abyss unlatching the gates of the Abyss?! 

I've got more campaign thoughts about this coming up as DM Steve & I start to hash this out. 

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