Thursday, July 23, 2015

Two Demon Weapons - Chance & Seven Eleven For Your Old School Campaigns

These two weapons have passed through an ancient family's hands from a time when the world was young, when they were won in an archaic dice game played with the family patron's dice made from the knuckle bones by a particularly nasty demon lord. They are the ram headed  hilts enabling these knives to summon back their former glory with little effort. They are +3 weapons but their real power enables them to have their ram headed demonic patron's strength and power flow through the wielder. No power on Earth nor in Heaven may move the wielder and they're AC is lowered by a factor of four temporarily as their body cracks with a thunder like clap of infernal power. This effect lasts for 1d6 turns and can be called upon three times per day. The knives 's power can also be called to heal light wounds twice a week but this is a risky prospect. For the essence of the pair of knives  is fickle at best and there a 40% that a random minor demonic mutation will result. For many this mutation  comes in the form ram's eyes  which glow raw and red as the power of the knives  is called on. The knives were forged from the steel remains of the Titan's cage and they remember the rage and power of their former prisoners enabling them to have their owner bellow and scream out an effect similar to a fear spell once per day causing panic in lesser creatures. The owner will be short tempered and very cross after using this ability for 1d6 turns.
 Chance can once per day enable its owner to re roll a failed combat roll unless a one is rolled. But there is a price to be paid, the owner can not refuse a bet. Seven Eleven has a bit of a diabolical streak as well, the owner must make a small  bet once per day, the blade enjoys the fact that this will torment the owner in a minor way. The blade can effect luck once per day bending chance in the favor of the owner as per a luck spell.  The swords will be found in scabbards of demonic leather and appear to be worthless, it is only when the command word 'Hexterious' is said that the blades will shed their coating of rust and green decay in one turn. But this effect is only temporary at best and in 1d4 turns they will return to their former condition.

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