Friday, July 24, 2015

Elven Tribes of Accursed Atlantis & 1d6 Elven Random Finds Table For Your Old School Campaigns

The Elven clans of Accursed Atlantis are dangerous, mercurial, and move across the surface of the wastelands with regular cycles on giant floating super science constructed cities. They raid settlements for slaves, goods, equipment, and see this as partially a religious rite of their insect gods. A trait they inherited from their Selenite ancestors and creators. Other Elven races conform to the roles set out by the insect god of the woodland fulfilling a niche set out in both ecological terms and religious ones since the dawn of time. Violent and dangerous ritualized warfare has been going on for eons in Fairyland a matter of some surprise for travelers to this supposedly idyllic land. Weird lights, disappearances by locals, odd paranormal activity, and fairy lights are all part and parcel of the appearance of the flying cities in the skies above the wastelands of Atlantis.  The largest concentration of half elves are in these areas around cities and such.  The solar energy based technologies, magnetic weapon systems, and other super science systems used by the elves are facts of life here as are the religious warfare rained down from the skies by the these inhuman creatures. The appearance of these beings cities is a cause for alarm and much concern among the wasteland dwellers. Slaves are taken, sacrifices to inhuman elemental insect gods from across the planes are made and the cycle of life continues.

Many of these flying cities use a combination of anti-gravity technology and magnetic propulsion technology gifted to them by their Selenite ancestors. They're inhuman and weird ways cause much concern among their trading partners for they will only deal with the strongest of clients who can meet both their demands and they're prowess in both business as well as super science and magick. In this the elves of Accursed Atlantis follow directly in their ancestors foot prints. Elven cities such as Pari's, DQuir'i, are among some of the most traditional and dangerous to encounter. There have been reports of warlord city states ripped to shears by the magnetic and psychic weapon systems of these cities for violating a letter of a trade agreement

Violent, dangerous, and amoral elven warriors are used extensively in off world campaigns of  interstellar and planar warfare. These mercenary forces are in high demand throughout the cosmoses but the role of these forces is often to scout out the next region of conquest for these military forces. These aliens are still some of the least understood beings within the planes.

The flying elven cities often dispose of their trash, waste,etc. when raiding areas. This often includes other dimensional biological material as well leading to the proliferation of giant invasive mutant species of insect, fungus, and other dangerous life forms. Many think that this is a way spreading both a psychological mechanism of a  form of ecological warfare and a primitive system of terra-forming some of the wasteland landscape to be more suitable for the elven races. There are several crack teams of adventurers who follow in the wake of these cities picking up relics, finds, and other magick as well as super science artifacts left behind by these flying cities.

These flying cities are known to be so bold as to raid other powers of the wastelands such as warlords, wizards, mutant overlords, and others with impunity and little fear. These beings are not to be trifled with. They live up to their reputation as alien and dangerous warriors of the wastelands.

1d6 Elven Finds of  The Wastelands

  1. 1d4 psychic crystals worth 400 gold pieces on the open market to the right hedge wizard. 
  2.  1d6 super science metal threads capable of supporting hundreds of pounds of weight. 
  3. Worth 200 gold pieces per sixty feet. There are hundred of feet of single super strong threads but only six are worth getting. 
  4.  A partial spell scroll with 1d3 spells on it. Worth 600 gold pieces to a dealer. The right dealer.  
  5. A ring of teleportation that will teleport a fool aboard one of the floating cities. 
  6. A small elven dagger cursed. 

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