Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Disks of Ergldrcangur The God Thing For Your Old School Campaigns

 The Disks of Ergldrcangur are a group of nine floppy disks from an alternative post apocalyptic wasteland that were found in a former military bunker. The first disk promises a highly profitable haul of military artifacts but only if the the second disk is entered into the system. The first disk has the equivalent of a suggestion spell worked into its code. A save vs magic to avoid the effects of this
The disks contain the soul code for the Outer God  Ergldrcangur, a being of incredibly dangerous and infectious cosmic evil. This thing worms its way through any computer and will bring the thing to dangerous elemental life on a molecular level. The machine becomes an extension of the cosmic all god mind of the Outer God. The god mind will spew forth horror and mind breaking cosmic truths about the true nature of reality to make the PC's mind a much more fertile ground for the glory of Ergldrcangur. The PC must make a save vs will power or become the instrument of the this god fiend.
   The PC will instinctively know the forbidden and highly dangerous 1st level black magic spell 'Sunder the Threshold'. The spell will want to be born from the pregnant mind of the PC and their minds are torn apart with the horrid revelation of what their actions will do. The spell once performed will allow 1d20 minor alien presences Ergldrcangur into the local time and space continuum. They will seek to possess the nearest humans or near humans within a five mile radius that will become a cell of the newest incarnation of the god thing's cult. The head priest will have 1d4 minor Lovecraftian imps as servants and they will attach themselves to this being and be psychically bonded to the being. As well as physically, these imps will help to direct their 'master'.
 Others in the cult will be turned into 2nd level black wizards or occultists. They will push the agenda of their master who will partially manifest and create mutant progeny with 1d8 mutations each.

 Ergldrcangur  will worm its way throughout the land causing 1d4 minor mutations in plants, animals, etc. within a fifty mile radius over a 1d8 month period. After which it will appear in all of its 'glory' and consume everything in a storm of fire and plasma. All of the souls of its victims will be consumed with it. The only relics  to survive such an event will be the disks or some mad half filled journal with praises, notes, and spells to this mad god thing of consumption. Each and every mutant, demon, thing, etc is a part of the god's mind and soul. It exists to spread its corruption, breed followers, and continue its mad half life existence.

Should the process be halted at the mid point and its minions slain, the land itself will still be poisoned and it will take centuries of cleansing by nature oriented cults of gods to remove the chaotic taint from the place. There are entire cults of druids, priests, etc who are dedicated to such endeavors. They're services cost many gold pieces and heavy favors to be brought to bear against the taint of  Ergldrcangur.

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