Friday, July 10, 2015

1d10 Random Weird Guardians Of The Wastelands Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are odd machine things out in the wastelands, cybernetic and bio-mechanical things of the ancients waiting for adventurers, free booters, and wasteland pirates. Things that rip, tear, and cause merry havoc with the flesh of mutants and Pures alike. Here then is a list of those unique guardians of the wastes.
From my Atlantandria Port City Of Accursed Atlantis campaign the other night.

1d10 Random Weird Guardians Of The Wastelands Encounter Table
  1. A twenty foot tall A.I. god thing with a wheeled torso, armed with paralysis tendrils capable of reaching out 40 yards, save vs device or paralysis to avoid the effects. Guards an old super science facility of the ancients.
  2. Giant bio mechanical (the size of an elephant) arachnid thing capable of blowing holes through flesh for 3d8 points of damage. Made from the flesh and souls of those whole worked at a nearby military bunker or ruins. 
  3. An odd crystal lattice thing that floats 20 foot in the air around the ruins it guards in a 100 yard radius. Capable of  ray attacks that cause a save vs death or explode into powder effect. Very dangerous and mysterious as well as alien. No one knows what it is guarding. 
  4. A combination of flesh, undead things, and skulls held together with biomechanical mechanisms, this thing twists,turns, and flops through the air fifty feet above the surface. It attacks with a sonic scream that causes the target to save vs poison or their blood begins to vibrate and boil in their bodies. This things eats the souls as it escapes. 
  5. A gang of 1d8 copper coloured androids all sharing a hive mind, these are not real androids but time projections that will kill or destroy anyone around the time/space gate that is controlled by the local A.I. god. Attacks as normal combat androids with weapons but are merely projections
  6. An alien android musician plays battle accompaniment for a dangerous and highly motivated war robot thing with massive bio mechanical tendrils. The size of a small bus but the android musician is actually the controlling mind. The base for this thing is nearby
  7. Five Dimension murder machine spins, whirls, and kills anything coming into its zone of control of 300 yards. Pieces and bits of things are teleported randomly as per the effects of a blink spell. Contact with this thing will cause 2d8 points of time space disruption damage. A temple of high super science sits at the center of the effects of this guardian thing. 
  8. A giant elemental ruby thing floats and moves through the air slicing anything that gets into its zone of control. The thing sits within a 300 foot zone in sub space and projects bits of itself out to slay things. A horde of elemental gems sits within its lair waiting for dwarven miners who will never come. 
  9. A giant sand elemental guards the last patch of unaltered land within a special force field location. Priceless beyond compare, the elemental acts as a mobile sand storm to slay anything or anyone coming for the patch. Only an Ancient One can deactivate it but they are gone. 
  10.  A cyber dragon guards a horde of A.I. crystals in an underground bunker, this ancient war machine is the size of a tank and controls a cult of 1d8 androids and robots who are pieces of its A.I., the thing has an acid breath attack that breaks down flesh but leaves machines and metal intact. It is waiting for its relief and it has been waiting centuries now. The androids patrol the military wastes around its bunker lair.


  1. These 1d10 tables are fun but I think you would get more mileage out of them by making more multi-step charts. I'll try to grind one out to show you what I mean.

  2. Yeah, I look forward to seeing seeing your efforts, thanks for the comments. Can't wait to see what you bringing to the table Sectorbob.

  3. I'm still working on some of it but these bits are more less complete

  4. Can't access this Sectorbob, G+ is telling me I need permission. Sorry pal.


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