Saturday, July 18, 2015

1d6 Random Alien Menace Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

In between the stars there are other travelers and menaces waiting to devour, exploit, and take full advantage of a group of lone adventurers in the middle of space here then are a quick list of alien random encounters to frustrate and astound your PC's.

1d6 Random Alien Menace Encounter Tables
  1. A mass of alien fungus that grows and expansions on metal and energy at a rate of 1d8 feet per every 1d4 hours. The stuff acts like 'green slime' for space craft. The stuff will subdivide in 10 hours to cover more area. Spores of this stuff drift on the solar winds between stars and the darkness of space. 
  2. 1d6 ancient alien space dead equipped and modified for working in space, these things have come to regard your craft and crew as food and will use miniature nanite viruses to break down their prey. Treat as zombies but with horrid rotting diseases.  
  3. A strange pulsing white and green plasma based space probe that will follow your ship and buzz it ever 1d4 rounds then at one point it will try and blow your ship from the sky. It will attack for 2d6 points of damage +4 and it can do this four times per day. 
  4. A giant cloud of diamond and carbon silacate dust, capable of clogging up and cutting the lungs of anyone who breaths this stuff must save vs death or have you lungs bleed into your stomach. Internalized damage will result. All lens and view screens etc made of glass will be ruined in two rounds.
  5. A pulsing ball of proto plasmatic and matter ball lightning has been generated by a nearby solar flare and unlike most natural phenomenon this ball has sentience and is very pissed off at everything today. The thing wishes to consume any small star craft it runs across. It will attack with a beam that does 2d6 points of damage and will blast anything with a proto magnetic pulse frying computer systems. 
  6. A spinning cloud of protomatter matter and crystal that is capable of creating realistic illusions. This thing is often trying to lure adventurers to their doom with realistic illusions causing crashes and  feeding on souls of those who die in the wreckage. This thing can mimic star ship events as well. A very dangerous and deadly predator. 

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