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The Machine Men of Ardathia Faction of Neo England For Your Old School Campaigns

There are particularly loathsome examples of  exo-humanity that have taken full advantage of the dimensional and time space anomalies of Neo England.  The Machine Men of Ardathia are one such faction of beings who think nothing of using their advanced super science vast mental powers to  begin experimenting on the unsuspecting peoples of Connecticut. They have a very difficult time relating to mutants and humans as individuals, have very little regard to the 'primitives' around them. To them all of the world around them is a laboratory for experimentation and a Petri dish full of experimental chattel. They have moved far beyond the mere bounds of time and space as we know them and come from an alternative Earth 37,000 years in the future. They seem to have a fixation upon the Elves of Canaan Ct at the moment but these whims could easily change at a moment's notice.The Machine Men of Ardathia  are a race of highly evolved and mutated species of human who are enclosed in a special tube proto-matter that exists outside of normal space time. This tube is where they will live throughout their long lives and it contains a vast array of super science devices including ray projectors capable of disintegrating and damaging matter or flesh in a radius of sixty feet. A save vs device is needed to halve the damage of these insidious devices effects. These beings have a 60% chance of  having a super science device to simulate many of the common effects of black or grey magic spells. Should they be killed their crypto occult super science systems will explode  in a flash of radioactive energy doing 3d6 points of damage to anyone within a 20 foot area. Unless the proper saves are made.
Sealed within a tube of trans energy proto-matter, these beings are immune to spells or the following attack forms : charm, sleep, enfeeblement, polymorph,cold, electricity,insanity, death or death spells or symbols. The Machine men are only recent travelers to the local space time continuum and are still new to the cross dimension exploration. These beings have a very difficult time relating to other life forms as truly feeling and thinking beings. They are curious,methodical, and utterly without conscious or morals, they view other life forms as experimental fodder. After a lengthy telepathic investigation or cross examination in the native life form's tongue the Machine Man will experiment, kidnap his victim or there is a 40% chance this being may try to exterminate the being. Seeing such a primitive life form as nothing more then a pest.

The Machine Men of Ardathia Faction of  Neo England

Frequency: Very Rare 
No Appearing: 1
Armor Class: 0 
Move: 6" telekinesis movement
Hit Dice 11+1 
% in Lair : 90% 
Dex :6 
Treasure Type: A
Mostly artifacts and
treasures of the era the machine men are observing and manipulating
No Attacks: 2 
Damage/Attack:1-10 Energy Base Weapon Attacks
Special Attacks: See Below 
Special Defenses: +1 or Better weapons To Hit 
Magic Resistance: 45%
Intelligence: Genius to Supra Genius
Alignment: Lawful Evil 
Size: M
Psionic Ability : 101 to 200
Attack/Defense Mode : B,C,D

The Machine Men of Ardathia are a highly dangerous and truly unpredictable race almost totally alien to the human and mutant races of Neo England. They will only be encountered singularly and very rarely at that.They have been found within dungeons,ruins, and other adventure locations researching, plotting, and investigating such locations as though searching for some lost or ancient fact. There have been reports of  The Machine Men of Ardathia coming into conflict or having rivalries with the Titans of legend. 

They have employed a wide variety of adventurers and outlaws to carry out their alien and rather twisted goals in Neo England. These beings have been seen acting as patrons for mercenaries, road pirates, outlaws, and other criminals as they find such inimical enterprises stimulating as though it was part of some twisted and sick game. Vastly psionic these beings often experience the violence and evil of their minions. Yet why such powerful beings would even bother with 'lesser' life forms remains unknown. There have been those who have reported finding these beings working for the Lords of Order but to what end is unknown. The Machine Men remain a very dangerous and bizarre faction in the world of Neo England.

The Machine Men of Ardathia are from a story by Francis Flagg, 1927 from Amazing Stories Volume 02 Number 08
Available as a free download from the internet archive and are public domain.

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