Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Shilrongo The Undead Kingdoms Of Atlantandria For Your Old School Campaigns

The undead kingdoms of Atlantandria are the remains of ancient Atlantian kingdoms that survived the fall of their world. Deep within the desert wastelands  there are hidden oasis where traders, slavers, and others go to sell their wares in deep wasteland markets take & on profits of gold, super science relics, do business. These traders make sure to be gone by sun set or they are never seen again. The sound of flapping wings marks the passing of these fools. There are those who say that the gates of Hell itself have allowed the dead to return to the lands of the living. Several orders of witch hunters, exorcists, and knights as well as wizards maintain sleeper cells and cults within the lands of Shilrongo trying to ascertain the weird agendas of its undead rulers.

Shilrongo is a land of deep crypts, ancient ruins, roaming tribes of mutants, desert dwellers, and jackals of unusual aspect. There are those who swear that the jackals are really the undead rulers in disguise. The Big Book of Vampires - A lore book of the ancient demon slayer sects tells the legends, wisdom, and stories of these ancient demonic monsters. Those who find a copy will find notes scribbled in its pages and the possibility of 1d4 spells of white or gray magick.

There are always slaves who are fed upon the blood of their masters and serve as their go betweens during daylight hours. These agents are often canny and dangerous on their own, they can be quite confident and are often former adventurers and wield energy weapons or other super science devices in their master's names.  These agents often track and scout out parties as potential food sources and footmen for their master's weird agendas. This often means opportunities for adventure and profit or sheer death under the fangs of a half forgotten demonic race of beings. There is one ancient space port still in semi operation that takes in minor trade these days but it is half neglected and mostly forgotten.
The lords and ladies of Shilrongo wait to take on new blood as the years roll on. There are half vampires who even now roam the wastelands of Accursed Atlantis.

1d4 Random Encounters in Shilrongo
The Undead Kingdoms Of Atlantandria Table

  1. A band of 1d6 adventurers traveling on mutant lizards to bring slaves to market for sales to the 'Deliverers'. Armed with energy weapons and fight as second level fighters, 30% chance of a wizard of second level or better among them. 
  2. A giant mutant bat creature with an undead sorcerer rider decked out in leather armor style gear wearing a gas mask, armed with a bulky laser weapon. 
  3. 1d6 desert phantoms with the shapes of ladies, shimmer and waver in the heat of the day only to disappear as soon as looked at dead on. 
  4. An injured knight of the White light whose been infected with ghoul plague and is stumbling along only to turn as soon as the sun sets!

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