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1d4 Random Infernal Thaumaturgist's Tools of The Trade & Finds Table For Your Old School Campaigns

So the summoning goes right and all comes off without a hitch for your magus and the pact is made for better or worse. Most assuredly worse my friend, thousands of gold pieces were spent for the tools, the man hours to make them, and the horrors beyond that pierced our so called flimsy reality. Real thaumaturgists make their own implements and are in fact women and men of incredible evil as well as resourcefulness. But what happens to their tools after such an diabolical operation such as summoning a demon, devil, or horror from beyond the pale? Tools of the infernal trade carry with them the burning, corrupting influence of the Hells. There are of course processes for getting rid of such taint but they are expensive,dangerous, and sometimes utterly futile. So here then is 1d4 unique tools for your adventurers to stumble upon for where else would a magus summon the powers infernal except in the isolated confines of a dungeon or in the wastes.

1d4 Random Infernal  

Thaumaturgist's Tools of  The Trade Table

  1. A wand of twisted metal that smells of sulfur and whose metal seems to crawl feeling of sweaty skin, the thing is cold to the touch. 1d4 partial impish spirits of chaos cleave to it as downing sailors to a piece of wood in the ocean of our reality. It is bad luck and cursed unless taken to a witch or wizard of at least fourth level or better who can pull these infernal things from it. They can be made to serve for 1d4 months of service in exchange for blood or bile from the owner. As imps in the monster manual with extra 1d4 chaotic features, this wand will eventually infect an area with its taint and there is 20% chance of a hell mouth opening in the area.
  2. A bellows of blackest and softest calf skin ( no not human flesh), that allows one to stoke the coals of a the brazier of summoning. This bellows carries with it the sweaty,slime, and bile of the Abyss because of the act of summoning. Several minor undead spirit of the damned are within its confines only a magus of  7th level or higher can bind these spirits into service even then they will be the least of the damned. For 1d4 months they will serve their owner damning their souls as well. The bellows can be used to summon a minor demon and the spirits used as payment to the twisted thing but the owner will pay with one wisdom point and their mind twisted by the winds of Hell and the Abyss. These minor demons are used in matters of scrying and prophecy of utmost importance. But then demons are liars are they not.
  3. Used Candles made from high quality wax that bare the scent and taint of the Hells burn with the soul stuff of the damned and allow one to see beyond the vale of death. 1d4 ghosts or damned will come forward across the vale. The owner will have no control whom or what comes to the light of the candle. A circle of protection will insure the fool using these candles will not be harmed but there is a 5% chance per candle of attracting the attention of an angel of death who guards the passage between life, death, and Hell. For Death is the final judge. 
  4. The book of the spells is a partially burnt up document that contains one spell of summoning, the thing is like a breathing, living thing now.Partially existing in this world and now a thing of damnation. It now acts as an anchor for the other side allowing its magickal words to become twisted into the names, cries, and pleas of the demonic, damned, and chaos. As one would expect of prisoners there are numerous names,graffiti of the damned and other knowledge that changes daily as the book vexs and shifts its existence as a living gateway. There is a 30% chance each day that the thing will burst into flames consume its unholy life and open a hell mouth.

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