Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Rumble On The Road To Lower City - Part III of the Fourth of July Carnage Actual Play Event

Last night's game was punctuated by arrows, plenty of violence and the PC's coming face to face with the Red Scum. A group of lower caste warriors and overseers from HG Wells War of the Worlds.
The players hate these guys( they've faced them in my post apocalyptic Mars games) and these things are nasty. The Red Scum operate as a cult insidiously  working from within and they had over thirty six elves in the back of three wagons while the Overseers fed on the barely alive bodies under tarps. The Martians were blotted and drunk on the blood. These bastards had made short work of the Elves and were reaping the rewards of haul. Slavers are the one thing that really drive my players to violence rather quickly.
The lower caste Red Scum warriors popped up just in time to get eyes full of magic missiles and barely had time to get the drop on the PC's. It took a while but the Weirdling cultists of the Red Scum were murdered quietly and rather quickly.

The Red Scum lower caste warriors put up a bit more struggle but eventually they went down. The PC's began to see if the Elves were still alive and discovered the true horror of the Red Scum. Each and everyone of the Elves was infected with a baby Red Scum, wound around the ribs, interior muscles, and hearts of the Elves. They were all brain dead by this time but the little alien bastards were keeping the bodies and flesh alive for unknown reasons. The victims were dispatch, the wagons looted and then burned. The PC's came away with maps of the Lower City ruins, pass cards to some sort of military installation under the ruins, and several weird items. Many of them had Red Scum script and notes on them as notes for an unknown purpose. They set the remains of the wagons on fire and threw a relic hand grenade into the back of the wagons  to finish the job. They weren't taking any chances, as I said they hate the Red Scum.
They finally reached Lower City itself by sunset and found the local tavern. The party settled in for the night.
  Notes on Lower City, Canaan Connecticut

Lower City Canaan is a fly speck of a place and quietly tucked out of the way. A small community of around 1,300 people in the best of times before the Voltamen invasion.During the war a series of underground military R&D facilities were constructed because they were out of the way. A series of ground fights during the way wiped out the above ground small town. Below ground the A.I. thinking machines continued to work and only a series of small bunkers was discovered. The current town of Lower City has a general store, a tavern, a temple, and does a far bit of trade with the Elves of Canaan.

Location in Litchfield County, Connecticut
The town itself charges a toll to anyone wanting to explore the rich pickings of the ruins of Old Lower City. They also generally don't have a ton of adventurers and outlaws coming into this area. The place is quiet and they pay their fair share to the Voltamen. There are several time space warps nearby but the locals know where they are. The ruins are seen with a wary eye but the locals live with it.

The true heart and soul of the 'town' is the general store where local farmers, townies, and even the elves gather to gossip, socialize, and make due with the harsh mutated conditions of the area.

That was until someone or something started to disrupt and blow the hell out local life in Lower City. That's where the PC's come in. Stay tuned!

Note that none of this stuff is a part of  Lower City Canaan, this is all a part of an alternative Earth and simply author/DM sci fi fantasy. It really is a fly speck on the map of Ct. 

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