Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Tangle With The Reptilian Slavers Fantastic Hereos and Witchery Actual Play Event

   Right this picks up right after the events of  The Fourth of July Carnage the PC's made it to Lower City Canaan, spent the night in the one horse town's inn and were resupplying in the general store the next morning. The store was run by a very nice but nervous Neo England family. Everything was pretty boring until the place was buzzed by two saucers! Reptilian slaver ships! The PC's were then attacked by two members of the O'Megan family who were not what they appeared to be at all but Doppelganger assassins! The PC's took the fight outside and made short work of the shape changing scum. The O'Megans were happy to see the PC's go, lest anymore of their shop get damaged.

Then it was off to the Houstonic State Forrest home of one clan of Canaan Elves. The Reptilians had two ships loading cryo pods onto the saucers by tracker beams. There were guards in light power armor guarding their hauls. The PC's spotted the guards and circled through the forest. Something wasn't quite right and the PC's were very cautious with the guards, their actions seemed mechanical and a bit wooden. Two sleep spells, another quick fire fight, and a bit of manuvuering the PC's managed to free the pods. The managed to get their hands on a shoulder mounted missile and fired at one of the saucers. A natural twenty brought the saucer down into a nearby swamp. But the other one managed to escape!

Then the PC's had a nerve wracking encounter with two chameleon fielded foes in the woods, the targets didn't move, didn't change direction, not even after an itch spell was cast on one of them. Something was very wrong here?! It took the better part of twenty minutes for the party sneak up, disengage the alien tech and find out that these were actually the clan leaders of the Elves! The Reptilian black occultist in charge of the whole thing had indeed been on the other saucer and escaped to Accursed Atlantis with over one hundred Elven Slaves! The PC's had downed their means of following the ship! Which means next week they'll be going into that Babbler infested swamp next game then on to Accursed Atlantis! Stay tuned!

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