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1d20 'Random Events On Back Water Worlds' Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Back water worlds are seldom what adventurers expect, often these places are key places for the focus of local events and interstellar weirdness that adventurers weren't planning for. The interstellar travel scene is often the place where events get magnified and noticed by the greater forces of the universe. Here's a 1d20 chart of events that can cause some complications to adventurers lives.

1d20 'Random Events On Back Water Worlds' Table 

  1. The local system lords revolt and cause the government of the planet your on to shut down resulting in all local info structure services to shut down. All transactions for money and banking are halted for 1d10 days. 
  2. Time warp just outside of this world and its moon appears and reeks havoc with the local monsters, attacks increase by 40%, roll on the random encounter charts more often. 
  3. A mysterious interstellar fog appears around the planet, there will be strange sights of stuff within the fog and only your adventurers can help. 
  4. A giant protoplasmic blob creature is heading for the planet no one knows that it is actually an interstellar ambassador for a highly advanced race on a mission of mercy for his masters. 
  5. A strange ancient alien ship has entered the outer worlds of the system and the thing is highly radioactive and bathing worlds in strange and alien radiations. Make a mutation check here and save as well. 
  6. Giant hauler comes into system with serial and call numbers matching and ancient ship that disappeared over three hundred years ago.
  7. A strange alien signal suddenly appears within system aboard a tiny moon in the system but there is nothing on record. 
  8. 1d30 ancient alien probes suddenly appear within the system and begin broadcasting on the same frequency about the coming of a robotic or A.I. messiah. It claims a fortune in artifacts will be found as a signal to its ancient masters. 
  9. A  strange comet appears hurling between the primary &  the second system. The world is strange,alien, and teaming with life. There is a fortune in bloody relics on the surface of the comet. A ship sits lost. 
  10. Ancient cryo ship holding the entire church staff of the Star Wisdom cult is sweeping through the system. Many avoid this seeming collection of cry frozen cultists. Very dangerous cult to cross. 
  11. This ancient craft has just been found on the moon of the third planet. The ship seems in working  order but actually holds the survivors of  an ancient plague. 
  12. A fourteen mile wide gap has opened below the capital of your favorite major city and now hundreds of things of a strange nature are starting to pour out of this crack in the world. 
  13. An ancient dimensional gods the worst nightmare opens below the south pole of your world and hundreds of demons whirl out of this time and space gate causing mass riots and panic. 
  14. A giant god's skull has tumbled through space and is seeking the PC's for an important mission in an other dimension. 
  15. A very radioactive space wreck appears in system and has the potential to be disastrous to the outer system worlds. 
  16. The final remains of some ancient and alien space junk crashes down onto the heads of the PC's who knows what secrets it holds. 
  17. An ancient cyber soldier's ship is bearing down on the PC's and only they have the command word to shutdown the ship but there is life on board. Very dangerous and alien life. 
  18. A giant rock is tumbling its way into the system, on the giant rock are the alien building remains and worse. 
  19. The remains of an ancient star base is entering system, the place is the haven for a gang of interstellar pirates but little do they know that there are still the original crew of the place remains. 
  20. A plague ship enters the system with a dangerous & incredibly virulent plague of ancient undead aboard and their hungry, very hungry for your PC's!

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