Sunday, July 5, 2015

Bromion The Minor God Of Reason & Super Science For Your Old School Campaigns

Bromion is the god of order, reason & super science as well as the patron for adventurers who need to identify and learn to use relics, artifacts and occult treasures. But he is a god who hides a secret behind a facade of miracles and mummery. This being is an alien god at best who though he understands technology and science quite easily he has a very hard time understand the flesh slugs and meat bags that serve him in this time space continuum.
He is represented by broken statues depicting the alien nature of this god to those who can read the scared symbolism seen in his representations.
Bromion is one part of a scared alien god mind and represents the reasoning side of this alien mind. His temples are seen across the planes, dimensions, and universes and are small unassuming Greek style affairs.

A strange crystal representation of the god sits in the center of the temple and seems to wash into itself with the scared light of Bromion. His agents and priests wander the wastelands collecting by any means necessary any dangerous or horrid technological item,relic, or weapon. These are identified by his cult, studied, and destroyed.
Bromion is a fickle god of order at best  and his priests never know how their god will react when contacted for minor favors. He has within his service twelve Titans to handle the day to day tedium of his cult and the sacred number of temples.
Bromion has several minor abilities at his disposal at one time these are all usable up to five times a day: Identify item or device, Control technology, Lightning strike, Legend Lore, Recharge cell or battery, Destroy technology, darkness within a 20 foot radius, Contact Other Plane, Summon Cybernetic entity, Charm Person, Cloud of Reason, and EMP pulse within a forty yard radius.
Because of his alien nature Bromion's reaction may be fickle at best and completely alien at worst. Here is a random 1d10 chart of alien reactions for Bromion.

1d10 Random Alien Reactions For Bromion

  1. The alien nature of this god makes having a conversation difficult at best. He ignores you unless your question is about technology or science which attacts his attention. 
  2. At best the god is busy and or distracted, he will gift you with a minor relic. 
  3. The god doesn't understand your question and so has granted you a minor artifact, 
  4. Take 3d6 points of damage as the god tries to pull your PC inside out physically. 
  5. He understands you perfectly and answers any questions it can. 
  6. Gain 1d8 mutations as Bromion's attention is on your body's functions and your body course's of physical attitudes
  7. You and your party are teleported to another plane of existence for observation by the god and its minimum
  8. A smoking and smoldering corpse is teleported right before your party for no reason. 
  9. A minor elemental of order appears in a puff of smoke and demands what  do you want of an elemental of order as a representative of Bromion
  10. He ignores you and erects a 100 point force field around you and your party to keep you isolated from mankind for the good of the universe.

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