Friday, July 3, 2015

1d10 Random Abilities Table For Domino Mask Relics For Your Old School Campaigns.

They have always been with us and used as part of the burger's or thieves adventuring gear but Domino masks are gaining in popularity with adventurers in the world of 2889. Because the items are light weight, easily used in combat, and have a certain charm for those who are a part of the adventuring life style the Domino is being seen in the wasteland and highways.

   The Domino mask has become the adventurer's choice for adding in special abilities,magickal effects, and small super science devices to the mask itself. All of the while allowing the adventurer to maintain their identities. Here then are a 1d10 table of random effects for the domino masks that frequently pop up in hoards in the world of 2889.

1d10 Random Abilities Table For  Domino Mask Relics

  1. There are lens within the mask that allow it to have dark vision up to sixty feet when this ability is used the eyes of the wearer have a glowing witch light quality to them. 
  2. Once per day the wearer may call upon a skin tight force shield that will lower their AC by -5 points and the shield is bullet proof but will only last 1d4 rounds 
  3. This mask allows the owner to change their face's appearance for 1d4 rounds three times per day. 
  4. This mask has a fear spell that can be activated once per day. The face of the owner contorts and changes to the view's subconscious fears. 
  5. There are super science lens within this mask that allow the owner to truly see into the near by Astral plane or the deeper Outer Darkness three times per day.
  6. This mask has a set of super science lens built into them that give a +1 on all trick shots or called shots because of the micro targeting system built into the lens. 
  7. This mask has a set of circuits built around the eyes that allow the owner to change or minic the voice of anyone within 30 feet of them three times per day.
  8. A strange mask that will change the owner into a hulking brutish version of themselves once per day +2 on all physical characteristics and -3 on all mental characteristics. 
  9. This mask has been enchanted with the blood of innocents and the owner will be driven to solve the murders of anyone within a 30 foot radius. The mask shows the owner the death of the victims and their spirits haunt the poor fool in his dreams. The owner gains +3 to all combat due to the fury of these spirits. 
  10. This mask is enchanted with wisdom of the Ancient Ones and the owner will be able to recognize the works, items, and magicks of the Cthulhu mythos and not give into the sanity shattering visions of the aura of madness they project.

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