Monday, July 6, 2015

Fourth of July Carnage - A Warlords of The Outer Worlds Campaign Update & Actual Play Event Part II

 So the PC's are deep in the mutated woods of Canaan Connecticut dodging  Voltamen patrols and avoiding alien mercs. One thing I've learned over the last couple of years of play is something that as a DM I've grabbed from the Lamentations of the Flame Princess rpg system play book. Keep the races and monsters unique, interesting and DYI. One complaint that I heard about Fantastic Heroes and Witchery's rule book is the lack of a Monster Manual for the game. There are more then enough D20 monsters out there that can be easily converted over to playing around in the setting of your choice. But its simply more then a simple slap a monster together and play. This is weird post interstellar/apocalyptic world is both familiar and alien at the same time. Now I'm playing around with lots of the useful conventions of pulp sci fi and science fantasy while keeping it interesting. The PC's have learned right out of the gate that their not the most powerful things around at all. Death awaits around the corner and each one has a troubled past that has forced them to go from being a good citizen to outcasts in their own right. Not your usual group of happy go lucky adventurers at all really. But outlaws and adventurers thrown together for mutual survival against a planet that has issues all of its own.

So now they've camped for the night and we're picking it up tonight after the party ran into a priestess of the god Bromion The Minor God Of Reason & Super Science.  
After having her identify several items and relics that the PC's picked up last game, they learned that the Elves are being shipped off to the nearby temple/resort complex of the The Acolytes Of Ahania.
But for what reason and why are the Voltamen seemingly complacent in the whole affair? More as it develops in tonight's game.

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