Tuesday, July 21, 2015

1d4 Random Demonic Pacts Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Demonic pacts are binding contracts between demon, or devil, and damned fool. But once the contract has expired it doesn't mean that the infernal business is ended. No these deals are sealed in blood, darkness, and the darkest magic for each and every pact has a binding clause, a demonic horror tucked between the small print just waiting for some fool to try and undo the binding of such a heinous agreement will be fair game for these terrorists of torment, the horrors of hell itself. For no man may stand in the way of Hell, the Beyond, or Eternity for those are Death's domain. Here then are four random pacts to harry your adventurer's with, dare they destroy such a document and release the powers of the Abyss upon themselves?

1d4 Random Demonic Pacts Encounter Table

  1. The Enerax Document
    A moldy half burnt sulfur smelling document between Enerax the Devouring Maw and some cleric of the light whose name has been burnt away meaning the contract has been fufilled. But a shadow demon guardian named Resobo The Darkened Presence guards it. He ill a double hit point shadow demon with several nasty abilities including the ability to bind mortal through shadow three times per day, Whisper the secret - Cause a mortal's greatest fear to manifest as a phantasm force spell, and the ability collect the whispered longings of a mortal's little sins from their day then let them torment the fool as a Fear spell ( this ability is useable three times per day). Enerax is a demon of thieves, con men, cheats, and princes he likes to eat the eyes of his victims and experience their greatest failures while receding poetry of the damned to them for eternity. Most often invoked for matters of money and power. 
  2. The Veltraxx Contract This book contacts Veltraxx The Wanderer a demonic agent and sorcerer of the lord of distant alleys and libraries. The wanderer is a mage and wizard of wealth and taste whose run of esoteric luck has led him into the study of dead and dying worlds where he claims the souls of great leaders, wizards, and intellectuals by promising them glimpses into highly charged sorcerous realms of the damned. They are changed for the experience and he dines on their souls for eternity but also rents his charges out throughout space and time as his own agents. The book contains 1d6 spells and rites that make sure that the wizard in question is up to the Wanderer's standards for consumption, these spells are tricky and dangerous as well as totally deranged.  A demonic ooze guards this book and will force open its contents for the victim to see and then comes the Wanderer.
  3. The Veridon Pornography
    The Veridon as its called has nothing to do with human perceptions of pornography but everything to do with alien and soul shattering perceptions of copulation and world creation by dark and sinister bio mechanical demons and horrors. The things seem to scuttle just out of perception right over there, 1d4 spells rest within the volume and a minor but hyper intelligent Vrock watches over this book. The thing will appear and ask three questions. Fail to answer correctly and the Veridon biological mechanism will appear to rip the body and soul of the fool apart and have their minds, souls, and bodies added to the demonic mechanical horror. Answer correctly and you gain a toe into the mechanisms of the very foundations of Chaos and the infinity of the Abyss. Mind and soul shattering stuff and you will be eaten later rather then sooner. 
  4. The Nun's Robe of Hyn
    The robe is a silk robe of the finest quality upon which is written the three thousand, three hundred, and thirty three secret names of the Hyn. The Hyn are a special type of hive mind demon that grants immortality of a sort. The Hyn devour their charges after thirty years of blissful service to the damned. The fool becomes a part of the Hyn hive mind mechanism and will live on as a party to the multidimensional never ending horror that is Hyn existence across the alternative worlds and realities of the dimensions in which the Hyn existence all of the time, ceaselessly and without rest. Only the pact maker's lives allow the Hyn to dream and for a bit of time release them from the tedium of living and hellish hyper-dimensional reality. The robe contains 1d6 spells one of which will be Summon Hyn, this is far easier then it sounds.

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