Monday, July 27, 2015

Happy International Gary Gygax Day & James Ward Update

Happy international Gary Gygax day! July 27th - A day for Role Players throughout the world to celebrate the man that helped create one of the worlds greatest hobbies. I've been drinking tea and trying to put the legacy of this man into words. Every time I get together with my friends and have a game, write or design something. Pick up a Dragon magazine or do something related to OD&D or AD&D its a bitter sweet thing. Someone whom I admired along with so many others is gone. While I do hold games to celebrate the life its at times bitter sweet. There are so many things I would have liked to have said and asked of Mr.Gygax. And I'd love to have played a war game or two with him. Even more so then D&D, I'd love to have played that imaginary war game with miniatures with him. A game that in my mind has gone on for 30 plus years with different forces from history.

I also find it sort of weird that my friend James Ward went into surgery. James is the creator, writer, editor,etc. of Metamorphosis Alpha 1st edition and Gamma World. And so much more.
He's probably had as much influence on me as Mr. Gygax. Right now he's been into surgery two hours and change ago.
From his James Ward's facebook page," Monday July 27th
In just two hours I'm having a medical procedure to put stints in the veins of my leg. My amputated foot isn't healing at all and they want more blood flow. A very nice nurse named Kim just came in and tried to cheer me up. She said I need to be a patient patient (sp). I'm always a little frightened when they put me under that I won't have all of my brain power when I wake up. It's not in my hands today. I really appreciate all the outpouring of thoughts and prayers. I'm a firm believer in the power of prayer and thank all of my facebook friends for sending up good thoughts. I worked on some miniature rules and enjoyed that yesterday. I also have a great Camelot adventure I'm writing right now. Thank you all again for being there."
James Ward and the Ward family along with all of his friends are in my thoughts and prayers today. Yes I will be getting together with friends this evening and celebrating the hobby that I love so much. Positive thoughts, prayers etc on International Gary Gygax to everyone.

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