Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Neo England New Haven Redoubt For Your Old School Campaigns

Adventure awaits around the corner in Neo England and opportunities abound especial around the grand New Haven Redoubt!

Hovering over the harbors of  Long Island Sound is the  Redoubt of New Haven, six miles of twisting bio mechanical steel, humming with the activities of cities within cities. This place holds  a mountain-sized building described to contain millions of people and feature vast farmlands underground, powered by the mysterious "earth-current."  There are over "one thousand, three hundred and twenty cities of the Pyramid." itself with the highest caste's living on the top floors of the place and having been bio engineered and mutated with an increased lung capacity.

The earth current permeates every aspect of life in the redoubt, the place draws in the sea waters of Long Island sound to help fuel the vast underground fields that are really the redoubt's industry. A hundred miles below the redoubt are the Under Fields. "an hundred miles deep in the earth below the Redoubt" lay the Underground Fields. These fields produce food stuffs that are part of the bounties from Mars, Luna, and the other solar system satellites. According to the ancient scrolls,
"And of the Underground Fields (though in that age we called them no more than "The Fields") I should set down a little; for they were the mightiest work of this world; so that even the Last Redoubt was but a small thing beside them. An hundred miles deep lay the lowest of the Underground Fields, and was an hundred miles from side to side, every way; and above it there were three hundred and six fields, each one less in area than that beneath; and in this wise they tapered, until the topmost field which lay direct beneath the lowermost floor of the Great Redoubt, was but four miles every way."   These are protected by the bio grey steel of the city itself. And there are minor towns that are used as infrastructure for the desalination of the sea waters and the production of food across the world. The Redoubt of Hartford is attended by androids, robotic entities, and other cybernetic lifeforms who help in this process, many coming from the Rossum’s Universal Robots factories throughout Neo England.
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For many the threat of Abhuman tribes from the dimensional  Zones  have become a constant threat to life and limb. The ports of  Long Island Sound are the territory of ships of incredible destructive capacity to keep the giant mutant life forms at bay. 

The skies over Neo England are thick with air ships and planes of every description as energy weapons play across the backs of gas bag alien life forms that have flourished in the polluted stinking atmosphere of this world. They graze on hydrocarbons and other  man made pollutants and are a constant hazard to air traffic, their hides are valuable and are harvested for a wide variety of uses and industrial applications just as the American Buffalo were hundreds of years ago.
Air pilot outlaws, adventurers, and free booters have become part of the new normal for adventurers wanting to make a few dollars escorting air ship caravans across the skies. Air pirate warlords have also become a new hazard in the skies as well creating warfare,conflict, and the cracking vacuum sounds energy weapon reports. Fortunes are made and lost in the air as well as on the ground.

Bridgeport has become the up off point for the Trans global highway which encircles the globe and has become the new boom to transportation across the globe. The system has been one of the saviors of mankind and a prime opportunity for the unscrupulous, criminal, and various dangerous elements to exploit. It is an era of adventure and danger where fortune favors  the brave and fool hardy.

1d10 Random New Haven Redoubt Finds Table

  1. A necklace made from old cybernetic and robot parts, this piece is able unlock many of the lesser locks of the city. 400 gold pieces for this necklace 
  2. Dagger of unbreakable glass +2  200 gold pieces
  3. Mechanical robotic cat looking for a master. 
  4. Staff of lesser mechanical mastery able to identify may common repair problems, has a continual light spell on the other side. Slightly bent and broken, 600 gold pieces 
  5. Ray gun partially broken 3d6+2 explosion if used. Worthless. 
  6. A piece of volcanic glass from the elemental plane of fire able to see past many common glamors and illusions. 600 gold pieces for this part 
  7. Cybernetic Diesel punk arm and hand fully functional, 1000 gold pieces. 
  8. A lesser blade of slaying +1, called Alison and looking for a new hilt. The piece will talk PC's deaf and dumb. 
  9. An Abman arm with four inch claws on a seven finger hand. The thing twitches when picked up.
  10. A small cursed statue of a lesser god of lust. The thing cries out when handled for more then 1d4 rounds and is cursed.

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