Thursday, July 23, 2015

1d4 Random Spiritual Guardians For Your Dungeons Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Wherever a treasure vault or other repository of relics or treasure are uncovered in the ancient wastes of Accursed Atlantis there is a good chance that some ancient spiritual guardian watches over these treasures. These spiritual guardians can be very dangerous and tiresome to adventurers because of the dogged nature and sheer will power of these creatures. They will sometimes keep watch over the areas of their charges long after the treasures or relics that the guard sometimes have turned to dust. Here then are four random guardian spirits that will test the metal, minds, and patience of your adventurers with these encounters. 

1d4 Random Spiritual Guardians
 For Your Dungeons Encounter Table
  1. This guardian was an ancient warrior whose ghost has been bound to this area, he guards what he thinks is a cache of ancient weapons and relics of the ancients. He apologizes even as he drains away your PC's life force. He is polite to a fault but very dangerous as he will pursue all over the Earth those who plunder his charges. Manifests in full armor and with weird weaponry.
  2. A bound Jinn for this area when it manifests it glows with an unearthly light and stands for the soul as it reaches to murder a PC for the sheer malice over his treasure and space being violated. Violence will result over trespassing over its charge. 
  3. A shadow spirit of the darkest type that resembles an undead thing of weird aspect when encountered. The phantom thing will manifest when the dust, and power of its status and attack those who came to prey upon its charges of treasure, relics, and items of super science. 
  4. This guardian is a form of ghoul who manifests as per an ancient necromancer's curse. The ghouls will act as per the treasure encouter table and its where they can find those who have violated its charge. This will cause the ghoulish guardian to track those who would sell its charges and murder them.

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