Friday, July 17, 2015

1d6 'Random Space Captains Encounters In Port Or Space Port.' Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are those distributable space captains always on the lookout for easy prey adventurers, those of a very dark aspect whose dark agenda's are only revealed aboard their ships. Here are six dangerous space captains that your adventurers may encounter and may live to regret it.

  1d6 'Random Space Captains 
Encounters In Port Or Space Port.' Table

  1. Captain Bradley Helms, captain of the Gully Fish - Bradley Helms is everything you don't expect a captain to be, googly eyed and resembling a stick like figure dressed in over sized captain's finery and yet there is the aspect of the professional about him. Yet when aboard his ship it becomes all too apparent that the 'captain' is actually lurer for demonic power beyond the ken of men hooking in men's souls for his dark lord. Aboard the Gully Fish are centuries worth of artifacts and trinkets from a million worlds. Captain Bradley is after far more valuable cargo. 
  2. Captain Joan Taker - Captain Taker is every bit the professional star captain taking on cargo and crew from a thousand worlds over his thirty years in space. Nothing aboard his ship gives away the fact that the captain serves some rather nasty slavers nor the fact that he sells his charters and passengers into slavery and bondage on alien worlds. 
  3. Captain Melinda Scott - The mistress of the USS Dark World, the lady of the dark lake, and a hundred moniker follows in the wake of this lady adventuress. She is the dealer in death and destruction, a gun runner only interested in profit for its own sake and damn everyone else. She does indeed run guns fast and furious but also plunders adventurers for their treasure and lives. Stripping bare any she runs across of artifacts, relics, and more she then offers her demonic investors the souls of those she captures! 
  4. Bonnie Meaker The Speaker - This alien shape shifter is the captain of an unusual vessel that hauls valuable spices, plants, animals, and small cargoes. She seems like such a nice person but is actually one of the worst. She has a small side trade in the dreams and nightmares of men. Those special dreams that men and women have throughout their lives. She is a representative of the the Speakers, a race that strips these dreams from men as one would empty the pockets of a beggar. This leaves the men as mere shadows and husks of  their former selves.  And so the cycle continues for Bonnie is everyone to everybody, the perfect pirate. 
  5. Captain Hans Red - Hans is the adventurer's adventurer, the captain you want at your side during the darkest storm, against the guns of the enemy, and the dashing hero as well as the professional space captain. Its a complete shame, Hans is a died in the dark worst space scum every to crawl from the muck of an asteroid. He is a prime opportunist and slaver of the worst sort, selling entire crews to alien horrors for gold and other precious elements and he specializes in procuring just the right slaves for his clients. Especially down on their luck adventurers who are perfect marks for jobs of a dangerous nature. 
  6. Captain Billy Wang - Captain Billy of the USS Star Runner is a man of the space lanes, a professional man whose whose life is in the space lanes. Quick with an answer and smile. Wang has a keen sense of humor and knows the double meaning of his name, he takes full advantage to put his clients at ease about the Star Runner. What folks don't know is that the Star Runner is actually in charge. Its an alien ship with a dangerous agenda. Just as Billy Wang is a mere alien extension of the ship, so the Star Runner is actually an alien extension of a greater alien organism known as the Q'ul' Eater. This alien god like bio life force slowly absorbs  adventurers over eons, savoring each adventurer as a sweat meat,hard candy  or tasty morsel.

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