Saturday, July 25, 2015

1d6 Random Weird Salt Flats Encounters Table For Your Old School Campaigns

The tumbled down ruins that surround the marshes of  the port cities of accursed Atlantis are prime breeding ground for all types of mutant monsters, invasive species from Beyond The Outer Darkness and the perfect spot for adventurers & relic hunters of all stripes to go picking and hunting through these ancient and time haunted places. Tumbled down stone structures and alien ruined temples hide unknown as well as dangerous terrors.

Here then are 1d6 monstrous and weird encounters within the Salt Flats and marshes around the wastes of ancient accursed Atlantis.

1d6 Random Weird
Salt Flats Encounters Table
  1. This tumbled down pyramid temple is the meeting place for 1d6 deep one hybrids who are members of the Cult of Cthulhu and will sacrifice anyone who tries to disturb their rites and steal the ancient treasures of the place. There are several unique species of giant mutant lamprey hybrids that guard the place as well two of which are semi humanoid. 
  2. A large double hit point marsh kraken has its lair within the ruins of ancient Atlantian temple complex. It is served by 1d8 1st level fighter of near human aquatic aspect who are armed with energy weapons, they will capture and kill anyone who gets to near to the structure. 
  3. Several huge tidal pools conceal a vast underwater maze of deep sea caverns home to a cult of crab men who worship a star spawn of Cthulhu of unique aspect. The place is concealed under miles of marsh grass and sea weeds. The crab men raid passing trade ships.  
  4. This place is the home of an ancient crumbling fortress of Old Atlantis, it is the home of a giant sea dragon and his cult of salt water piranha men. The place holds a fortune in Atlantian relics and gold. The fishmen are lead by 8th level wizard who makes sacrifices of passing boats. Unique schools of carnivorous sea weed fish guards the place. 
  5. A downed giant alien mother ship sticks up out of the briny mire that is the grave of this ancient ship whose undead crew still haunt the place and use a functioning death ray that has a 1000 yard range on it that does 2d8+2 points of damage to bring down any passing ships so that the alien crew in their mini hover saucers can round up the sacrifices. The place conceals a fortune in alien artifacts and gold. 
  6. A giant temple complex sticking out of the water is the home of a lich and his hellish cult of aquatic half demon things. The lich is a 20th level bad ass who believes himself an ancient god and given that he has a vast store house of super science artifacts he might be a demi god of the wastelands. He has ancients all over the coast line of the mashes.

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