Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Loan Sloane Graphic Novel Series By Philippe Druillet For Your Old School Campaigns

When I was a about four,maybe five years old I had a French baby sister way up in Hudson New York state probably about 1974 or '75. She used to read to me from a copy of  Le Mystère des Abîmes ("The Mystery of the Abyss"), 1966 and her copy of Le Trone du Dieu Noir ("The Throne of the Black God"), Pilote magazine #538, 1970 into English. I listened to tales of black gods, goddesses, twisted horrors beyond imagination, and other-dimensional entities all against the mind twisting art work of the French cartoonist Philippe Druillet.And its brilliant beyond cosmic horror and weirdness! I love this graphic series!
According to wiki:

Lone Sloane first appeared in Druillet's own debut, Mystère des Abîmes, published in 1966. Other stories were published in the Franco-Belgian comics magazine Pilote from February 1970 to April 1971. The series was subsequently revamped by the author for Metal Hurlant magazine.

Loan Sloane is everything I love about science fantasy in one graphic novel series by a French master of the genre. Twisting towers of unbelievable concepts against pure cosmic acid trip images of a space hero who is one part space rogue and freebooter with strange powers.

No Dr. Strange waffling here with the Ancient One and Clea, no we get a straight on needle of cosmic awesomeness straight to the heart of our hero! None of the political correctness of today's comics but the high concept, high times of a space adventure whose pursued by a horrible cosmic empire that is merely the pawn of something far worse. According to wiki:
Set 800 years after a catastrophic event called the "Great Fear" the stories feature Lone Sloane, who is caught by an entity called He Who Seeks, after his space ship is destroyed. He is thrown into a different dimension, where he becomes a space rogue and freebooter with strange powers. He finds himself caught in an inter-galactic struggle between space pirates, gigantic robots, dark gods and other-dimensional entities.

The characters here are flawed and well rounded, the plots cosmic, the artwork explosive and expansive and the work is a wonderful cosmic journey that dovetails beautifully into the OSR cosmic science fantasy manifesto of works like LofP's Carcosa, Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea, and Fantastic Heroes and Witchery. Do yourselves a favor if you haven't seen this material! Go grab it.


  1. It think it would also be a great inspiration for some 40K themed games as well... something looser than GW's current canon and closer to the original Rogue Trader game. Everything is HUGE and dialed up to 11.

  2. I'll be using this as source material for my Accursed Atlantis Campaign coming up and your right everything is dialed up to eleven and it might make an excellent 40K style themed game setting at that! Cheers knobgobbler, more coming up my friend ;-)

  3. That artwork is beautiful. I need to see if I can track these down.

    *sigh* my growing list of "stuff I need to find" :)

  4. Yeah these are some of my favorite graphic novel and well worth tracing down, they're fairly inexpensive from various outlets. The artwork alone is worth the price of admission. Thanks for the comment and more coming up!


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