Sunday, July 12, 2015

1d10 Random Wasteland War Machines & Artificial Soldiers Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are things lurking in the wastes waiting for men, mutants, and others to journey into the unknown places. Artificial things and toys that have been left behind from other times, eras,  'never beens', 'almost times' & 'lost ages'. Weapons are always weapons even when those who pulled the triggers are long dead. Pray your adventurers never encounter such beings.
1d30 Random Wasteland War Machines

 & Artificial Soldiers Encounter Tables

  1. A pack of 1d20  artificial brain cybernetic life forms armed with manipulators, energy weapons, and with a 60% of mental powers! Hell bent on expanding their numbers with adventurers brains.
  2. A lone robotic humanoid soldier wanders the wastes with a blaster powered by his internal atomic system. Seems lonely, friendly, and outgoing but in actuality is a weapon system with collective hive mind that uses  neurological disease vector to spread its ideology and evil. 
  3. A massive robotic machine of unknown design passes itself off as a free medical service with incredible healing properties. Able to heal and repair massive tissue damage, organ collapse, clone, transplant, etc. The robotic system does these things which will collapse after 1d8 days time but it turns the victim into a biological weapon system with a 20 foot radius explosive range that does 2d6 points of damage to anything caught within the bio mechanical blast. It has no idea why it does this. 
  4. An android soldier on a mission of exploration actually a lone scout/assassin on a mission of exploration and murder for his Ancient survivor masters. Very evil and with a twisted sense of fun about him. 
  5. A shapeless thing of an A.I. god thing looking for converts, free cybernetic upgrades to anyone attacking it. Offers free minor relics or artifacts when you become its warriors and slaves, wages living chess with another A.I. over the centuries. 
  6. 'There no such thing as a winnable war machine' or the apathy machine, this machine thing is centipede like the size of a large bus  and crawls its way across the wasteland projecting a  forty yard ray of pure apathy around it. Anyone exposed to it must save vs will or completely give up to the pointlessness of it all. The machine comes and collects its victims shuffling them off for unknown experiment and weird purposes. 
  7. A multi headed monstrous humanoid android called X-74C is looking for more heads to add to its collective intelligent hive mind.Are your adventurers going to be come a part of it. Laser weapons, cryo systems, and twisted programming make up this being. 
  8. Old Clancy an old atomic soldier unit with lots of war stories and plenty of adventure opportunities, armed with two very dangerous looking atomic disintegrators  and a bit of a murderous streak in him. 
  9. A blob thing with millions of bio electronic and mechanical parts endlessly recycling through it. A weapon system that has lost its purpose and is dangerous to everything around it. Capable of creating 1d4 weapons systems each time its encountered. Won't attack unless provoked seems only interested in add in more mass to itself. Guess which adventurers are next.
  10. A giant floating head of cybernetic terror made from the alternative dimension time line versions of the PC's, this thing is the size of a large bull elephant and is capable of various mental attacks and has a horrid acidic breath weapon that does 6d6 points of damage to everything within a fifty foot radius of the cone of it. The breath weapon has a range of  10 yards and can be used three times per day. The head thing is convinced that by eating the original adventurers its pain and torment can end.

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