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1d10 Random Finds From The Catacombs Of Dagon Table From Accursed Atlantis

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hen suddenly I saw it. With only a slight churning to mark its rise to the surface, the thing slid into view above the dark waters. Vast, Polyphemus-like, and loathsome, it darted like a stupendous monster of nightmares to the monolith, about which it flung its gigantic scaly arms, the while it bowed its hideous head and gave vent to certain measured sounds. I think I went mad then.
HP Lovecraft Dagon

Deep in the heart of the wastelands are the ancient catacombs of Dagon,once part of a thriving city whose inhabitants worshiped at the altars of the mighty old one himself. They're ghosts only now remain to kiss the desert salt winds. But the dungeons and ruins of this mighty temple complex still call adventurers to brave the war droids and golems who are said to patrol this deep in the wastes but what treasures have been unearthed in the past? From time to time dealers in antiquities have had weird finds pass through their hands and whispers upon the salt air speak of the ancient cults of Dagon still flourishing and festering somewhere out in the bays of the Atlantandrian ports. 

1d10 Random Finds From The Catacombs Of Dagon Table 

  1. Scaled coat and robes of fabric gold worth 7,000 gold pieces to the right buyer or collector. Armor of Water spells command word within the wrist guard. -4 to the owner's armor class. 

    2. Alter piece with high Atlantian and Babylonian runes etched into the side detailing a map and star charts not of this world. Worth 700 gold pieces. 

    3. Sacrficial dagger in the shape of a strange tendril like creature of the deep, the blade drips with sea wasp venom upon command. The blade burns Elves and certain demi human races who handle it. 400 gold pieces. 

    4. Staff of spell storing in the shape of a tentacle of some ancient and still living monster. Closer inspection reveals it to be a clever arrangement of metal scales,there is a 40% of 1d4 black magick spells of fourth level still within it. Randomly determine spells. 

    5. A mechanical wind up monkey with a mutant tribe copper sword smashed through the mechanism. The thing can't move but still pathetically glares out at the world with malevolent eyes of jade and emerald. Worth 60000 gold pieces in the gold gears, jewels,etc. but the thing is cursed. 

    6. A golden mask of semi precious stones in the shape of a tendrilled Outer God, the jeweled eyes are enchanted with the 'True seeing spell'. Demons, those who are invisible, astral within 30 feet of the owner will be visible. There is a tribe of wasteland warriors who will want to kill the owner, countenance of the god is an anthem and heresy to them. 

    7. This ark of Dagon holds 1d8 magic and cursed forbidden scrolls of ancient Atlantis itself. 5th level black magic spells are locked within worth 300 gold pieces to a 1000 each depending upon collector. 

    8. Gold plated Deep One skeleton with six arms that will spring to life after 1d4 rounds of being uncovered. The thing is worth 10000 gold pieces because of the ruby eyes and diamond teeth. 

    9. Jeweled Glistening Octogen of  SY'u, this magical device has within it a Lovecraftian demon defeated by this cult that allows the owner to gaze 1d6 days into the future or near by Outer Darkness zones. The thing is priceless and a cult will try to murder those who possess it. Those who free its unique pit fiend lord of chaos will be cursed and mutated for eternity as the diabolic lord lays waste to a swath of desert. 

    10. A special instrument of the Lovecraftian stars that will keep track of the stars sacred to the insanity and cosmic horror of Dagon. The brass and purpled steeled instrument will magickally adjust to always home in on those positions. The thing has the ability of a wizard's eye to those stars. Sanity and weirdness melt off of this instrument as the human brain tries to adjust. Worth 10000 gold pieces to the right wizard or occultist. 



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