Tuesday, July 28, 2015

New Monster - The Ixus Manibus For Your Old School Campaigns

When the swirling riotous horror of Chaos intrudes into the local space time, often the very store houses of the Abyss, the Outer Darkness and Hell itself spill into the wastelands. This mix of souls, ancient terrors, dark dimensional energies, mutational protoplasmic goo is known as 'the Ixus Manibus'. Cursed with undeath these former souls, and life energies are as toxic sludge to the living. They can cause incredibly dangerous and cancerous mutation in the living, yet this does not stop dark occultists and summoners from tapping into this most dangerous power. These hateful beings despise the living and all things of order, they are able to form into horrid spirits within 1d3 rounds. Capable of being controlled with some forms of necromantic magick the Ixus Manibus will break free of control 60% of the time requiring a Charisma check to intimidate them into complying with their master's wills. Summoned to the material plane these horrors form into blue black pits of swirling malevolent energies that have a 40% chance of causing mutations in victims unless the appropriate saves are made or special super science spirit traps are used to hold them. The sheer volume of malevolence and cancerous horror can be problematic though as these gelatinous horrors slide and fold themselves upon victims. Circles of power can keep them at bay and will protect parties from their toxic semi demonic presence.
Ixus Manibus
Frequency: Uncommon
No Appearing: 2d30 
Alignment: Chaotic Evil 
Armor Class: 8
Hit Dice: 2 
% in lair: 30% 
Treasure Types:E 
No Attacks: 2 
Damage/Attack 2/1-4 
                                                 Special Attacks: Cause Fear, Undead Immunities, Harmed only by Magical or Silver Weapons, Touch Causes Victims to Age 1d10 years unless saves are made 
Intelligence: Semi to Average 
Size: L 20 foot square 
Saving Throw: 12
Morale :10 
Experience points 1,900  
Psionic Ability: Nil 
Attack/Defense Modes: Nil
The Ixus Manibus are sometimes found around ancient Atlantian super science ruins or old Lemurian military bases where the spiritual batteries and holding cells used to power ancient weapon systems have broken down. These horrors can be used to replenish magick spells of a black or infernal aspect. Those who make a successful wisdom check can connect with the deep demonic essence of these horrors and draw 1d6 magick spells back within their minds even as the infernal taint and suffering weaves its way around the black wizard's mind.
These horrors love to drain the living and semi living of their life essences and swallow the souls of wizards. They gain intelligence and wisdom from such acts. Certain tribes of witches and hags love to capture and trade relics and artifacts for these horrors. Guilds of black & wicked necromancers summon pools of these horrors for uses in military weapons of mass destruction. Liches sometimes also call upon these horrors to power their evil unlives and grow in power with black magick techniques of the blackest magick. Demons and devils of Chaos loath these things as the lowest of the low processed waste products of the damned. Yet they value the vast stories of these once lives.


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