Monday, July 20, 2015

1d6 Random Crashed Flying Saucers Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaign

They come from out of the skies, craft driven by creatures from beyond the pale of man. Things from another world that can cause untold havoc but your players have preconceived notation about these strange visitors from another world. Here are six reasons to give your adventurers pause in your old school games when the saucers come from beyond the stars.

1d6 Random Crashed Flying Saucers Encounter Table
  1. 1d6 telepathic plasmoid life forms that resemble humanoids while at rest but begin to flow and imitate humanoid life. They have no real sentience per say but do a wonderful job imitating humanoid behavior such as piloting ships, loading and off loading cargo,etc.  but when injured or their life is threaten they get hungry very hungry. Any and all biological life forms will be consumed ala Green Slime from the Monster Manual. 
  2. The saucer was transporting a gibbering mouther and its cries can be heard coming from within the wreckage. Any and all alien crew have been eaten it might have been the source of the crash. There are 1d4 minor super science relics in the wreckage. 
  3. A powerful telepathic/telekinetic alien force haunts the wreckage. The thing is weird pissed off and the area within a 300 yard radius around the crash hangs heavy with it's presence. There are strange humanoid bodies scattered across the area. It will try to destroy anyone or anything that get's too close to the crash site. 
  4. 1d10 random animals have been drawn to the crash site of the saucer, a strange energy alien presence is trying to build a body after having its destroyed in the crash but its biological efforts are revealing the rather complex biology of the lower life forms. There are 1d6 inside out animals here. Maybe if its starts with the higher life forms instead??! 
  5. A mid level demonic form has been let loose from the bowels of the ship, the thing is very pissed off and disoriented. It has many of the characteristics of a hellspawn see appropriate matrix for generation. It will try to feed off of any higher life forms present and drag them to its hellish dimension. 
  6. 1d8 super science relics are scattered around the area and a very sad robotic alien cradles its master. It needs help. Do you help it or claim the treasure? The robot is actually the 'suit' for a hyper intelligent alien form who will help the PC's later on.

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