Thursday, July 9, 2015

Commentary On Matthew Schmeer's Magic Ring Die Drop Table pdf A Free OSR Resource

Matthew Schmeer of Rendered Press has been making Dice Drop tables based on old vintage comic book adds and these have been two things, 1. free  & 2. Very,very, useful for post modern OSR games. These tables include his Wasteland Emporium & Wonderama Die Drop Table  & the Miracles of the Gnome Workshop Die Drop Table.
But his latest efforts are one of my favorites of his, I've always had a soft spot in my heart for weird adds in comic book pages. Those classics that were the comic book equivalent of the gum ball machines in the middle of comic books. The ones that had to break up the action in order to pay for the adds, surely there couldn't be a dice drop room random monster encounter table based on these old classic adds? What's In the Room? Die Drop Table  does this in spades and then some.  But his latest one is a scream and its based on those old vintage rings from the 40's and 50's. These rings are perfect for a pulpy game of D&D such as what would be found in Trey's Weird Adventures's  City setting. But Mathew's latest one on these magic rings? this is classic stuff, and its free.
He's done some touch up and some new lay out stuff and spiffed it up a bit and well its pure vintage pulptastic magic!
This thing is like the Old Johnson Smith catalog on acid with rings with some really cool properties.
You can find the Magic Ring Die Drop pdf right over here 
Do yourself a favor and grab the pdf, the details are easier to read the design elements pop like a Christmas tree. 

I can some magical sweat shop in the middle of the worst urban fantasy setting imaginable turning these little beauties out and some 6th or 7th level black wizard with two hands full of these magic bastards using em Mandarin style. Personally I can see these bad boys being used in the wast lands of some post apocalyptic game as a cool diversion or minor loot table. The rings are very interesting and the side effects make these rings non campaign derailing. There's lots of potential with this and I think these are well worth your time and effort to download this material! And best of all its free.


  1. You are very welcome Mathew! I'm really loving these free dice drop tables, you've really come into your own niche with these. I love these very useful stuff for my tables Matthew!


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