Sunday, July 26, 2015

Hainitugobae A New Narcotic Menace For Your Old School Campaigns

There is a new menace that has reared its head in the back alleys of the cities of accursed Atlantis. Hainitugobae is a brand new menace to the mages, wizards, and practitioners of the dark arts, this liquid grey green glowing distillation is the latest menace from the forces of Chaos that threatens the magick stability of the plane. Many times practitioners of the dark arts are pushed to the very edge of existence and beyond by the demands of adventures.  Hainitugobae is sold only in the most unsavory alleyways and black market locations of accursed Atlantis. The drug has been created from the very soul run off from the Damned from the endless suffering and torment , after enduring the very worst that Hell and the Abyss this blackish material of torture is refined and processed by a certain guild of demons.

This run off is collected and put through certain esoteric processes then it finally becomes a black green goo that has particular effects on wizards when smoked or injected into the user's body especially after a day when the powers of the wizard is put to the test. Hainitugobae temporarily adds in 1d4 temporary wisdom and constitution points are added in as the user gains incredible cosmic insights. The drug never quite lives up to the reputation the stuff has among black magicians. If the wizard has exhausted all of his spells for this day; the wizard after taking an injection will gain 1d4 magickal spells but these are temporary at best. The user of this material must make a save vs poison after injecting this stuff or become addicted to the drug and dependent upon the high of power and damnation that comes with this infernal materal.

After taking this drug the PC's should roll on the random 1d4 effects table as
the powers of the Abyss rage through the poor fool's system! Each hit of Hainitugobae will cost 1000 gold pieces per hit and is meant to be taken by injection or smoked in a blessed water pipe. There is supposedly another version of this drug that allows the owner to access certain weird or menacing powers. This version fo the drug is rumored to be sold in certain star ports and other black market venues.

1d4 Random Hainitugobae Effects Table
  1. The victim gains back his spells as if he rested for a full day but he also generates a horrid sulfur smell in a 20 foot radius. 
  2. The victim's skin erupts in six hundred and sixty six mini faces that will talk, spread  rumors, and generally make life a living hell for the users. 
  3. The user can see 1d6 undead spirits around them. These spirits expose weakness and dangerous circumstances. There is a 60% chance that the owner will drag some weird thing from the depths of Hell and it will haunt the owner. 
  4. The user's stomach is infected with a giant Abyssal tape worm which will attempt to open a gate within the body of the user into the Abyss.

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