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1d6 Random Signs of Demonic Incursion Into Reality Table For Your Old School Campaigns

The demonic worms its way into the world through the black and forbidden  rites of occultists and wizards alike. There are warning signs of these violations into our world for you will know them by their signs and omens. Things of the air, the water, the Earth and the fire will cry out and bleed to an uncaring sky as the the legions of Hell itself threaten our reality once again. For heroes and saviors alike are needed to combat these unholy horrors from beyond the threshold!

Of our studies it is impossible to speak, since they held so slight a connection with anything of the world as living men conceive it. They were of that vaster and more appalling universe of dim entity and consciousness which lies deeper than matter, time, and space, and whose existence we suspect only in certain forms of sleep — those rare dreams beyond dreams which come never to common men, and but once or twice in the lifetime of imaginative men. The cosmos of our waking knowledge, born from such an universe as a bubble is born from the pipe of a jester, touches it only as such a bubble may touch its sardonic source when sucked back by the jester's whim. Men of learning suspect it little and ignore it mostly. Wise men have interpreted dreams, and the gods have laughed. One man with Oriental eyes has said that all time and space are relative, and men have laughed. But even that man with Oriental eyes has done no more than suspect...
HP Lovecraft Hypnos

1d6 Random Signs of Demonic Incursion Into Reality Table

  1. Worms, bugs, rats, moles, and other animals of the Earth churl up on to the land and attack each other and even in their death throes, they mutate and die as the energies of the Abyss taint the land. They will cause one point of damage to anyone handling because of their fury and deaths. This is very  unnatural and weird, strange liquids burst from them. 
  2. A strange rain of white gooey, sticky living fungus falls from the sky with a crack of pure violence and fury from a clear sky. The stuff is slightly acidic causing 1d4 points of damage to anyone caught by this stuff. It is living and smells slightly of sulfur and ammonia. 
  3. Flocks of birds fill the sky, cartwheeling and dancing in strange hypnotic and weird patterns before they fall from the skies dead and dying with weird almost human ecstatic cries of pain and unholy joy! 
  4. 1d8 fires light themselves from fire pits, candle sticks, lamps and other extinguished sources of flame. The will burn at a height of over two feet before extinguishing themselves with a clap of sulfur and dried blood, the air is tinged with fear and the smell of burnt flesh as well. It will linger for 1d8 hours in the air. 
  5. 1d6 nearby trees will suddenly spring to life and pull themselves from the Earth,crying and moaning with unholy sounds of all to inhuman sounding wood ripping itself apart in an unholy symphony of destruction. exploding for 1d8 points of damage as the Abyssal energies rip the poor plants apart. They look like human sacrifices from the way they fall. There is a 10% chance of a gate from one of the root points of the trees. 
  6. The entire area around two acres glows with an unholy light from 1d10 fairy rings of some unknown fungus that at night looks like the clawed and twisted  fingers of the damn trying to escape from their eternal prison of torment and pain. They will twitch and move when in reach of fresh flesh and blood but they are mere byproduct of the Abyssal energies raging through the area. There may be NPC's sporting 1d6 random mutations or worse. The strange energies make the entire place glow with energies not of this world and to look upon them for 1d6 rounds hurts the eyes.

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