Monday, July 13, 2015

1d6 Random Complications After A Night Of Debauchery Table For Your Old School Campaigns

So what happens when your adventurers go on a bender after their latest exploits or become enamored with the wares of Narcosa?
Well in the wastelands there things just waiting to take full advantage of the helpless and hopeless, this 1d6 table should help to keep adventurers on their toes and out of their minds!

1d6 Random Complications After A Night Of Debauchery Table

  1.  A PC has become infected and pregnant by a Child Of The Rainbow Dust a cult of 1d8 Interzone slavers is already after the PC as the bearer of the next product messiah. 
  2. The guild of assassins has a contract on the PC after they they accidentally killed a small time wizard and his apprentice has hired them to do all of the PC's in because of the slight to their family's honor. 
  3. The PC's have acquired a relic of very dangerous properties but they have no idea how they have gotten it. Their future selves come back from an alternative world to warn them of it. They are also drunk. 
  4. The PC's wake up in an orgy chamber with the local king's harem and have no idea how they've gotten there. Guards are coming and they're almost at the door, what will you do!?
  5. You wake up staring at a demon sitting on a treasure chest and he's grinning at you with a most ironic grin and begins to talk about the mission your party has enlisted in. 
  6. Your PC's are all tied to alters with weird alien looking egg things after a night that you don't remember having!

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