Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Stars Are Almost Gone For Kickstarter From Venger Satanis's - The Outer Presence Adventure

The hours are slowly ticking down for Venger Satanis's latest horror inspired Lovecraftian investigation module Kickstarter 'The Outer Presence', this is a short, sweet, nasty adventure of Lovcraftain horror and hi jinks and the Kickstarter is winding down as we speak! This one has a bit of everything in it, some investigation, a bit of horror, even more horror, and dangerous adventure around every corner but time is running out. 
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This adventure has that over arching Seventies horror vibe going on, and the Seventies is a perfect vehicle for a horror investigation set in New Guinea. Think one part cannibal flick , two parts Mythos, and then throw in some death dismemberment and insanity.
The Seventies are the perfect time for the  Mythos economic unrest, world wide strife, gas strikes, the second wave of high end horror movies.  Yes this is the perfect time to set this adventure.  There was a play test right over HERE An investigative horror scenario including a fast and easy, old school system allowing gamers to get on with it and start playing.

Well that I can see this adventure proving to be another in a series of Satanis trips that my players have come not to like at all. The PC to torture ratio tends to run a wee bit just this side of Lamentations of the Flame Princess style play with Venger's modules and that in my opinion is a good thing. So get on board before the opportunity disappears like the KickStarter. 

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