Monday, July 20, 2015

1d6 Random Things That The Comet Brings Table For Your Old School Campaign

They are ancient visitors from the skies, pieces of half forgotten relics hurled across the heavens with ice snow and coming into the lives of your adventurers. Here then is six pieces of ancient legacies from the stars. For ill or boon, the comets bring the things of fate and fear to your old school campaigns!

1d6 Random Things That The Comet Brings Table
  1. The comet brings a new age with its cargo of a bio mechanical plague that will ravage the landscape. First the children will exhibit the signs, then the animals, and finally the mechanisms will reveal themselves across the landscape! What devilry is this? Can you hope to end the reign of this terror from beyond the ken of mankind. 
  2. The comet brings part of an alien city with it. The thing alters is course because it is under the control of some ancient intelligence but what secrets does it hold for your adventurers? The thing flies over the heads of your adventurers and seems to mock them from its orbit around your little world. Perhaps the wizard or the mad ones down the lane know how to reach this alien place's alien eyeless buildings. 
  3. This isn't a comet in the normal sense it is the living embodiment of alien life, its surface is a mass of teeming horror and complete change and it brings with it the blessings of blissful mutation and insanity as the cults of Chaos promise. It will rain down 1d10 alien lifeforms on the countryside per orbit and then will come the consumer units. 
  4. This isn't a comet but an ancient automated space craft come to harvest the higher life forms of the planet. It will drop 1d8 cybernetic life forms on the areas it visits. 
  5. This comet is actually a piece of a vast god soul and is searching for its mortal half. The thing will try to drive all inhabitants in a 1d10 mile radius insane so that it may consume their minds. 
  6. The comet is covered in the nervous system of an ancient god and it mimicking the ancient reactions of its birth and death cycle of life. It will release 1d10 undead horrors upon the Earth  as it passes by, these undead horrors will ravage the living only to have ancient dragon skeleton things fly down to claim the living and the dead alike to feast the skin, bones, and nervous systems of all. There will be 1d6 ancient relics around the lairs of these horrors from the stars!

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