Saturday, July 18, 2015

'Where The Bat Flies' A Weird Adventures Actual Play Event!

Tonight was a bit different, as I had a chance together together with Steve, his brother Mark, and their other brother in arms  Marcus. Marcus wished to return to the 'Weird Adventures.'  Noir sub-setting I did a few years ago called New Gomorrah. New Gomorrah's the kinda place that mom warned you about and the mob settled there via Interzone. It was also the place where Eric Anderson the son of the Bat had fled on a tramp steamer after murdering a thaumaturgist, his apprentice, and having stole several mystical relics from the mage in Staak. This wasn't the first time that the adventurers had been hired to trace down Anderson. Anderson was a completely amoral piece of work(adventurer, thief, & villain for hire) and unlike his dad was able to slip between the cracks in the planes. He took up the Bat mantle ten years ago and really went to town with the racket cutting a swath throughout the underworld of Staak. 
The rumor of course is that he's got his hands on a crystal skull among other wonderful little trinkets, he bribed the right people and slipped away to New Gomorrah. Now the adventurers were on his tale.

Eric Anderson aka The Bat
wanted for murder, robbery, and a host of other crimes
The adventurers were Elliot Nesmithian retired city detective whose worked for some of the best including Samael T. Hazard. Elliot was a wise cracking son of acre whose suit was cut to house a specially made  pair of pearl handled .45. He was retired army after the war and had served with 'The City' for twelve years before taking one in the leg. His partner was killed by the Bat in a botched jewelry store heist. Elliot has sworn vengeance. Steve's Fighter 5th level. 
Sin Fang 'The Sorceress Extraordinaire' - A lady adventuress of rare beauty and incredible talent. The Fangs are a Yian family renowned in magick for generations.Sin is considered 'odd' for turning her back on the family underworld business and becoming a magician of pretty high caliber. Sin had a radio program 'The Sorceress's Hour', that was until the Bat murdered her co host on live radio.Disgraced she swore vengeance and only last year came close to bringing Eric Anderson to justice. Since then she's taken on case after hard boiled case to track the son of a bitch down. Seventh  level wizard. Mark's PC 
Chattanooga Chad 'The Man With the Midas Touch' Chad was a locksmith before the War, in fact he was one of the very best, it didn't matter if it was mechanical, magical, or alchemical locks, traps, or mechanisms. The Chattanoogas were the very lock smiths and worked for various police departments, the Army, the Freedonian Rangers, until the faithful day when Eric Anderson murdered Chad's brother right in front of him in cold blood. The brothers were in the wrong place at the wrong time and between the Bat and a shipment of jewels. For ten years Chad has tracked the Bat across the planes and back to the City again.He's now a thief for hire on the side of right.  Mark's 5th level thief/adventurer. Amazing that three men can fall into each others company in a dry dusty bar out in the middle of a Freedonian border town. Now their on the trail of the Bat once again. And tonight they almost lost their lives!

In tonight's game they tracked the bastard to his hideout in a sub basement, instead they almost bought it as a Neo plastic blob  filled the place after one of the adventurers opened a closet and rolled a one. A dexterity check and suddenly one of the others grabbed him and pulled Chad away. His expensive shoe wasn't so lucky though. The menacing laughter filled the place and the bat flew the coop!

 New Gomorrah
New Gomorrah is the city at the center of the world, an alternative Eastern Sea board New York City filled with all of the elements of  the City and with the addition of masked vigilantes and adventurers. This is the quintessential  pulp city of so many dime novels. A place of high adventure, occult mystery, and strange mysteries and magic. Is it any wonder that the 'Bat' feels at home here? And its a place that comes into phase at night with both the City and the Beyond.

The city is host to its own brand of adventurers and heroes many times drifting in when the City's long shadows pull on the dimensional  fabric of  New Gomorrah allowing passage between the two worlds. Travel is infrequent, strange, and very dangerous and yet people do it as a matter of course.
More on New Gomorrah coming up soon.

Notes from Tonight's Game.
About ninety percent of tonight's adventure material came from Weird Adventure's author's blog From The Sorcerer's Skull Weird Adventures resource page over here. 
 Trey Causey makes some wonderful setting and gaming material be sure to check out his work with the Hydra Cooperative. 

Other items that appeared in tonight's game include items from the Smyth's & Jordon's Novelties Of Adventure catalog. These include Miracles of the Gnome Workshop Die Drop TableWasteland Emporium & Wonderama Die Drop Table ,Magic Ring Die Drop Table & Potion Pill Die Drop Table

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