Thursday, July 9, 2015

1d10 Random Minor Artifacts & Cybernetic Life Forms From The Wasteland Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There a number of weird or strange pieces of junk that pass through adventurers hands out in the wastes. But there are those who deal in such pieces of vintage and odd hardware. Here then is a quick overview of some of those wonderful pieces of hardware that can and will alter the lives of those who find them.
Ed Emshwiller, Jenny’s Junkyard

1d10 Random Minor Artifacts
& Cybernetic Life Forms  From The Wasteland Table

  1. Ripped apart android missing all of its lower chest cavity, the thing still has power and is fully aware because of its atomic batteries. Worth 600 gold pieces and with another 1,000 gold pieces would become a fully active engineering bot. 
  2. EMSH hyperspace unit, malfunctioning and will create 1d30 alternative universe versions of those who walk within 20 feet of it unless a save vs device is made. 5000 gold pieces
  3. Space coupe with two bad wings and a cock pit, the thing is a classic and for those building rat rod space craft. 3000 gold pieces or 1000 with some negotiation. 
  4. 1d8 androids fused at the hips, these things have become a collective entity and are more then willing to help out with repairs, living advice, and other bits of wasteland life but they are afraid of violence. 600 for the unit and you cart it out. The junkers are sick of hear em. 
  5. A fully restored space transport with everything except the drive system and hyperspace unit. 60000 gold pieces to the right crew of adventurers who will have to pour in another 2000 in parts. 
  6. A fully gutted space destroyer type A with half of ship missing but the blast armor intact. Perfect for the  collector to stick in his garden. 500 gold pieces and you cart it out. 
  7. War bot type 22 gutted and deactivated but with mostly intact weapon systems including heavy blasters, plasma casters, and radiation generators. The A.I. is solid. Worth 30000 gold pieces 
  8. Crate of old school type 11 blaster rifles perfectly serviceable 60 yard range, 4d6 damage, 1d8 shots each. 70,000 gold pieces. 1d20 worth. Owner is not aware that they are there. 
  9. Pleasure bot advanced protoplasmic model capable of shifting species. Bad motivator, could be turned into an assassin bot very easily. 40000 gold pieces 
  10. A.I. God brain secreted in the remains of a giant space destroyer. 60000 gold pieces and the space destroyer's armament's are active. The power system has been cut off to the brain making it harmless.  If it comes to life it will go berserk however.

    Artwork used without permission, Ed Emshwiller's Jenny’s Junkyard is an old favorite piece of artwork from my youth. No trade mark or copy write violation is implied to the owners of this wonderful artwork. I'm just a fan of one of the master's of sci fi artwork. 

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